Best Business Ideas to Start at College

It can sometimes feel that, even though you are doing amazing work at College and may be learning a lot, that you are not making the most of the opportunities presented to you! For instance, you have a wealth of people around you that are looking for ways to make their lives easier and more entertaining. How could you capitalise on this? Starting a business could be the way! It’s okay to feel like you are a bit too busy to start a business, but the truth is, there are a lot of ideas that you can start while you’re in College that don’t require a huge amount of work or stress. Not sure what exactly you should get off the ground in terms of business ideas? Well we are here to help! Here are a few suggestions of business ideas that can get you started in the world of money-making and people managing! Try out the one you think suits you, and see if you get some good results!

Record Label

Music is such a free market at the moment, streaming services have made it possible for a lot of people to make money out of music if they have innovative and interesting ideas. If you study music or music technology or even any of the creative arts, round up your friends that play music and ask them to record a fun and interesting track for you. Then get to work on some engaging and colourful promotional material and graphic design, want to spread the word successfully? Launch a night that celebrates your record label and gives people a taste of what sounds you are bringing to the table. Your friends and other College-goers will turn up if it takes their fancy and they might get hooked on the music you’re making! From then you keep spreading the word about your music, and gradually more and more attention will result in more and more income! This is a great suggestion for those studying music or drama, it’s fun and invites your friends to be creative!

Essay writing services

Following in the footsteps of sites like research paper services, essay writing services are getting very popular at this point! There are loads of desperate students out there that are craving some support on their essays and their projects! This being the case, there are probably a few students like this in your College! So group together with some of your academically successful friends, and you can start posting posters and adverts around your College promoting your essay writing services. After a while, some students will get into contact and you can discuss a fair rate of pay! As soon as these students get a whiff of your helpful business model, their friends will be getting into contact, and before you know it, you’ll be helping half of your College! This is a great business idea for a group of students on top of their studies that are looking to capitalise on their essay writing skills in a way that can make them money.


If you have a group of friends that are extremely arty, this can be a great idea! Get together and get a few big canvasses that you can paint on, tell your friends to get to work on making some exclusive art pieces! Make sure they are vibrant and engaging pieces, when they are done, you can set up shop in the middle of your College campus. Advertise your vibrant and eye-catching posters to the students that pass you by, if you get enough attention for your pieces of work, you can set up an online marketplace where people can bid on artworks! Students are always looking for thought-provoking artwork to enjoy, so this is a great suggestion!

Just a few business ideas to get you thinking about what might make you the most money. You never know, it might be so successful, that your College work gets put on the back burner. But try your hardest to keep your business at a level where you can handle both the management of it, and the work your tutors are setting you too! Starting a business at College is a great way to get experience for the wider business world and also to make a bit of money whilst you are studying! Try out one of these suggestions and see what results you get!