Brazil Closes Border With Venezuela For a Few Hours

Brazil closed its border with Venezuela for a few hours over the huge influx of people crossing into the state of Roraima. The Supreme Court overturned an order to close the border until the country could have the right conditions to take in the amount of people crossing every day.

The state of Roraima has seen a huge increase of Venezuelans in recent years. The economic and political crisis has forced many Venezuelans to flee their country. Authorities in the state say hundreds cross the border every day.

Neighboring countries such as Brazil and Colombia have become popular destinations among Venezuelans seeking a better life. The order by the lower court states that the border will remain open to citizens of that country and other nationalities that are planning to visit.

The border was re-opened on Monday after just a few hours of being closed. The decision also allowed Venezuelans visiting Brazil to return to their country. Many Venezuelans who have crossed into the state are now living in Boa Vista.

Authorities in Roraima have asked for the border to be closed in the past. They say the large number of people crossing into the state has collapsed public services. They also say crime has risen in the area.

The economic and political crisis in the country has also forced hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans to flee to other South American countries such as Chile, Peru and Argentina.

The situation in the country appears to be far from over as inflation is estimated to reach one million percent, according to the IMF. The government recently announced the removal of five zeros from the currency and new bills. Experts say the changes will have no impact on the economy and many believe things will continue to get worse.

The alleged drone attack on the weekend has also raised tensions in the country. The government accuses Colombia and the opposition of being behind the plan. Brazil’s government says there is a humanitarian crisis in Venezuela and refuses to close the border.

In 2015, Venezuela shut its border with Colombia after three of its soldiers were injured. In August 2016, the two countries agreed to re-open their borders. In December 2016, Venezuela closed its border with Colombia again. The government said the closure would be for 72 hours.