Florida: Cows Help Authorities Catch Suspect

A carjacking suspect was running away from Florida police when she ran into the a group of animals that weren’t happy about her entry into their territory. Jennifer Kaufman fled to a field after police chased a stolen Subaru SUV.

The passenger on the stolen SUV remained in the car but Jennifer, who was driving the SUV, decided to run away from police. WKMG-TV reports that Jennifer crashed in a ditch in the city of Sanford.

Cows Go After Suspect

The passenger remained in the car and authorities arrested him. Jennifer started running through the field but wasn’t expecting a herd of cows to stop her escape. The Seminole County Sheriff’s Office released a video of the cows assisting authorities.

In the video, Jennifer can be seen running through the field with the herd of cows following close by. One cow is seen leading the chase, running right behind the woman. One officer says in the video that the large group of cows is literally following and chasing her.

The chase continues with the woman not only trying to escape authorities but also the cows. The chase ends when the woman reaches the edge of the field. She appears to climb something before authorities arrest her.

The group of cows that chased the woman are in Richard Kondracki’s property. Mr. Kondracki said the group of cows had not been aggressive before. He told WKMG-TV that he was not aware of a stranger running through his field before.

Mr. Kondracki believes they panicked and that they were nervous. The two suspects were charged with drug possession, trespassing and petit theft. The Orlando Sentinel reports that authorities found 1.3 grams of cocaine in the car.

The passenger was arrested shortly after the woman crashed the car and his idea to remain in the vehicle proved to be the best one as the group of cows would have probably chased him and the woman.

Help From The Cows

It is not the first time that a group of animals help authorities but what makes this story a great one is that the cows never lost a step in their chase and were together throughout the whole incident. The entire chase was caught on camera by a helicopter flying above.


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