Homeless Man Who Went Viral Last Year Sues Couple

A homeless man who went viral last year is now suing the couple that raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to help him. Johnny Bobbitt went viral in 2017 when he gave his last $20 to Kate McClure.

She had run out of fuel and the homeless man decided to give her money so she could get back on the road. Ms. McClure and her boyfriend Mark D’Amico raised more than $400,000 to get his life back on track. The online fundraiser was created shortly after the homeless man helped her buy fuel.

Mr. Bobbitt alleges that the couple used the funds as their own piggy bank. The lawsuit against the couple was filed on Tuesday. Lawyers representing Mr. Bobbitt wrote in the documents that the couple used the funds from the GoFundMe account to fund a lifestyle they could not afford.

A few days ago, Ms. McClure told the Philadelphia Inquirer in an interview that she felt frustrated and betrayed but that she was still looking to help him. Mr. Bobbitt has said in recent interviews that the couple has paid for trips to Florida and Las Vegas. He also said the couple bought a new BMW.

Mr. Bobbitt’s decision to give his last $20 to Ms. McClure gained viral attention and thousands rushed to help with the fundraiser that the couple created for him. The couple and man appeared in interviews and everything seemed to be going okay.

The couple was originally planning to raise $10,000 to help him but that goal was quickly reached. The fundraiser continued receiving donations and it became hundreds of thousands of dollars. After reaching the $10,000 goal, the couple said that the rest of the money would go to financial trusts for him. The couple also said that some of the money would go to a lawyer and a financial adviser to help him manage what they raised.

Everything appeared to be going well after the viral attention and the couple even continued helping him. They gave him clothing and Mr. Bobbitt was allowed to park his camper next to their home.

Mr. Bobbitt says the couple decided to sell his camper. He also accuses the couple of gambling away some of the money. Reports say he was asked to leave some time after being told that he could park his camper there.

Mr. Bobbitt says the couple has not shown him any financial records. The couple claims he once spent $25,000 on drugs in less than two weeks. Mr. D’Amico was recently interviewed by NBC and he said that Mr. Bobbitt was using every dollar for drugs. Reports say he is now back on the streets after leaving them last year.