Realme 2 Image Leaks, Coming Soon?

An image of the next version of the Realme phone has reportedly surfaced on Oppo’s sub-brand site. The image shows that the Realme 2 will be packed with new features and changes from the first release.

The image leak is quite surprising since the first Realme was released nearly four months ago. We usually don’t see a release this close but it appears that Oppo’s sub-brand is working on having the Realme 2 out soon.

The Realme launched back in May and was the first affordable smartphone from Oppo’s sub-brand. It’s been just months since its debut but the company is wasting no time in making improvements.

Several tech sites, including GSMArena and MySmartPrice, reported that an image of the next phone appeared on the official Realme website. The image was taken down shortly after.

The image of the new phone shows that the device will be much different from the previous one. The Realme 2 has a notch, which is something that more and more phones are now featuring. The back of the device shows a dual camera setup and a fingerprint sensor.

The Realme 1 does no bring a dual camera setup or the fingerprint sensor. It also has no notch. The only similarity between the two appears to be the diamond pattern.

Last month, the sub-brand actually confirmed that the phone is coming soon. The confirmation came through a Twitter response in which the company said that the Realme 2 will be released soon.

The Realme 1 lacked a lot of the features that we are used to seeing on smartphones. There is no fingerprint sensor and no dual camera setup. Plenty of affordable phones now have dual camera setups and the list will likely get longer by the end of 2018.

The Realme 2 looks completely different from the previous release. We don’t often see new versions of a phone make news this early but this is looking like more than just a minor upgrade.

There is no information on the specs but the image leak does give some indication that the phone’s launch might be close. The Realme 1 is a budget phone so we expect the next release to have a similar price or a bit higher after all the improvements that the sub-brand has made.

What do you think about the image leak? Did you get a Realme 1? Let us know in the comments.