Tennessee: WWE Superstar Glenn Jacobs (Kane) Elected Mayor of Knox County

WWE superstar Kane (Glenn Jacobs) has made a career by scaring and destroying opponents inside the ring but he will now be in a different role. Mr. Jacobs has been elected mayor of Knox County, Tennessee.

Mr. Jacobs won two-thirds of the vote, beating Linda Haney. The win makes him the second professional wrestler to win public office in the country. The first was Jesse Ventura, who served as Governor of Minnesota from 1999 to 2003.

Mr. Jacobs has been in the WWE for quite a while and has faced some of the biggest names in the company. He rose to fame in the mid-90s as the half brother of The Undertaker. Many superstars have congratulated Kane for his win. WWE posted a tweet congratulating The Big Red Machine for being elected mayor of Knox County.

Kane’s last appearance in the WWE was back in mid July, when he teamed up with Daniel Bryan to take on the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Bludgeon Brothers. Kane was barely in the match since he and his teammate were attacked by their opponents just before it took place.

It is not yet known if he will retire from wrestling to focus on his political career. Kane had barely made appearances in the WWE before his return to team up with Daniel Bryan. Videos on social media showed Kane entering the press conference with his theme song.

Mr. Jacobs is the second WWE superstar to focus on a political career in recent years. Terrance Gerin (Rhyno) announced in early 2016 that he would run for the Michigan House of Representatives. Gerin ran as a Republican, winning the primary, but was defeated in the election by just over 8,000 votes. He remains in the WWE, where he was recently the inaugural WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champion with Heath Slater.