Uber Driver Claims Phoenix School Assistant Principal Tried To Use Service For Students

An Arizona driver working for ride sharing service Uber has accused an assistant principal of trying to use the service as a school bus. The driver claims he responded to a ride on Wednesday but when he showed up, he noticed that there was more than just one person looking to get in his van.

Man Surprised By The Assistant Principal’s Idea

The incident happened at the Arizona Academy of Science and Technology. The man arrived to the academy and was surprised when he saw that there was six children waiting to get in his van. He recorded a video of the incident showing that it was the assistant principal’s idea.

The woman confirms that she is the assistant principal and tells him that the principal is out of town. The children got into the van but the driver was surprised once again when he was told that she would not accompany the group.

Driver Refuses To Complete Ride

The driver decided not to complete the ride after he was told that he had to transport the group by himself. The woman insisted and even asked why the driver was refusing to transport the children. The driver told her that this was against Uber’s policy.

The woman says in the video that every Uber they’ve had has a different story. The driver responds to her comments by saying that other drivers for the service must have not been aware of the policy. He also tells her that he’s been working for the service for three years.

No Response From The Academy

News 5 Cleveland contacted the academy for a comment but they did not respond. ABC15 also reached out for a comment but the academy has not made a response. The academy’s website does say that they do not provide transportation to students but that they are happy to work with families by linking them together.

The Uber driver refused to complete the ride and has told reporters that he has brought out the story because he feels like the academy is putting kids at risk. He says it is one thing to carpool with a family or adult but another thing to put small children in a strangers car. An Uber spokesman has spoken about the community guidelines, saying that children must be supervised by a parent or guardian.