Madagascar: Stadium Stampede Leaves One Dead and 40 Injured

An stampede at a stadium in Madagascar has left at least one person dead and 40 others injured. The incident happened before the start of the match between Madagascar and Senegal. The two teams were getting ready to play their qualifying round match for the Africa Cup of Nations.

Reports say thousands of people were still trying to enter the stadium when the incident happened. The incident left two people in critical condition and they have been transported to the capital.

Witnesses have said that there was only one gate open to enter the stadium. A lot of people had been waiting in line since the early hours of the morning. Rivo Raberisaona told the AFP that they were waiting in line from six o’clock in the morning. He added that they were meters away from the gate when the stampede happened and that he was trampled on the back but that his backpack cushioned the impact.

The game was played and it ended in a 2 – 2 draw. The match featured stars such as Sadio Mane. The two teams will meet again in the last match of the qualifying round next year.

There have been several deadly stampedes in African stadiums in recent years. In July 2017, a wall collapse at the Demba Diop Stadium in Senegal left eight people dead and 40 others injured. Reports say the collapse happened when the situation got out of control after the game. Fans began clashing right after the match and authorities responded by firing tear gas at the crowd. The fans tried to climb walls to escape but one of them collapsed.

A few days later, an stampede at a South Africa stadium left two people dead and several others injured. Authorities could not confirm what started the stampede but the match between the two football clubs continued. It was the second stampede to happen with the two teams playing. The first one happened in 2001 and left 40 people dead and many others injured.