Restaurant’s Stock Hits Low Levels After Dead Rat Found In Soup

A well known Chinese restaurant company has lost close to $190 million in market value after a woman discovered a dead animal in her food. The customer ordered a soup but she found that it contained something that was not supposed to be part of her meal.

The woman found a dead rat in her soup and pictures of that quickly spread online. The picture of the disgusting discovery shows a dead rat being held with a pair of chopsticks. The woman was eating at a popular restaurant called Xiabu Xiabu.

The picture immediately had an impact on the company, which saw its stock hit low levels. Authorities also found out about the discovery and the location has now been temporarily suspended.

The customer spoke to the company and they offered her just a little over $700 as compensation. Local media reports that her husband decided to decline the offer made by the restaurant. He explained that he declined the offer so his wife could go to a hospital and get a check-up. The results will determine the compensation amount they are going to counter with.

Stock Drops Following Incident

The incident happened on September 6 when her family decided to eat at the restaurant. She ordered a soup and had already taken a few bites of the food before she found the dead animal.

The woman took out the rat and placed it on a plate. The picture of that also shows the receipt of what they paid for the food. The picture surfaced on Weibo, a popular social media site in China.

Five days after the incident, the company saw its stock drop to very low levels. Its stock had not been that low since October of last year. Social media users were not happy with the pictures they saw. One user posted that he thought the restaurant was clean while others were disgusted by the discovery.

Statement Deleted After Release

The customer’s husband also alleged that one of the employees suggested her to get an abortion if she was concerned about the baby’s health after what she had eaten. He was allegedly offered money for the procedure.

The restaurant recently released a statement doubting that the incident was over lack of hygiene. The statement was deleted shortly after. Authorities have confirmed that they have opened an investigation into the incident. The location has been temporarily suspended.