Suspect Runs From Police But Then Asks For Help After Jumping Into Toxic Algae

Abraham Duarte decided to run from police and see if he could avoid being arrested. But his decision to flee from police soon turned into calls for help. Mr. Duarte jumped into a canal but he quickly found out about the consequences of the toxic algae on it.

The suspect preferred to be arrested rather than staying on the water and that says a lot about what it contained. Mr. Duarte stopped his car on Beach Parkway East after being pulled over for allegedly going over the speed limit.

Authorities say the suspect then started making a run for it. Police started chasing him on foot but were helped by the canals in the area. Mr. Duarte came across a canal and decided to jump in it and swim.

The suspect spoke to The Washington Post and said that he didn’t think about the state being known for the algae that affects its waterways. The algae has a bad smell but that is not the worst thing about it. It is also toxic but the suspect didn’t think about that when he jumped into the canal.

The algae is so toxic that fish and other wildlife have been killed by it. The suspect says he had heard about it but wasn’t thinking when he jumped into the water. A spokesman for the Cape Coral Police Department spoke to The Washington Post and said that police heard the suspect yelling from the water. The spokesman said the suspect allowed the police officer who was chasing him to pull him out of the canal.

The spokesman said Mr. Duarte wasn’t in the water for long but that he was covered in it when he was pulled out. He said it was all in his ears, eyes and all over his body. Police got the help of a resident who brought a garden hose so the suspect could be cleaned before the arrest.

The suspect asked police to put some water in his mouth twice. He was then taken to a hospital and released shortly after. He was charged with possession of a controlled substance and resisting arrest. He was taken to Lee County Jail and was released on bond on Saturday.

The suspect said the algae was gross and that he still has stomach and respiratory problems over his time in the water.