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Transfer Files Between iPhone and PC with this Easy iTunes Alternative – WinX MediaTrans

There are a ton of features found in WinX MediaTrans, but did you know how easy it is to transfer your files between your PC and iPhone? WinX MediaTrans is one of the easiest iTunes alternatives out there when it comes to transferring your media files. You can easily transfer ebooks, music, videos, and photos with this software.

There is even a video available that shows you how WinX MediaTrans works and how easy it is to transfer your files from your iPhone to your PC. We are going to tell you all about why WinX MediaTrans is the best iTunes alternative out right now. Once we tell you all about WinX MediaTrans, you will definitely want to download your free copy of the program today!

WinX MediaTrans Vs. iTunes- Advantages of Using WinX MediaTrans

When it comes to WinX MediaTrans vs. iTunes, there are a number of advantages by using WinX MediaTrans over the traditional iTunes method for transferring files. One of the biggest advantages of using WinX MediaTrans is that the program will automatically convert the various files to fit your iPad or iPhone. You also will be able to enable the two-way transfer directly on either some of your files or all of your files. This will work on all kinds of files, including ebooks, voice files, video files, photos, and music files.

Beyond that, there is hardware acceleration technology in WinX MediaTrans, which will allow for a super quick transfer of your iPhone files. There is the option to use the iDevice as your USB drive in order to grab any files that you need. You will notice that all files are also automatically converted for you so that you will not have to worry about files that are not supported by iOS. If there are files that normally are not supported by iOS, WinX MediaTrans will convert them into supported file formats for you. This feature will work with music, videos, and ebooks, so that you will be able to use all of your files on your iOS device easily and without any trouble.

Even More WinX MediaTrans Advantages To Keep In Mind

When looking at WinX MediaTrans vs. iTunes, there are even more advantages to WinX MediaTrans that you should know about. You can password encrypt all of your videos and photos that are on your computer. You can password encrypt everything that is being transferred from your iOS device to your computer, which is really cool. This allows you to keep all of your videos and photos private, and ensures only you will have access to them.

There is also the ability to remove the DRM from Apple music and transfer those songs to your computer. All of the music on iTunes is protected by DRM, which is a way that copyright protections stay in place and restrict your ability to share songs. Using WinX MediaTrans, the program removes the DRM so that you will be able to share your music with friends or family. You also can then playback the music or videos on other devices, such as your computer, without any issues. That means you can use a non-Apple device to play the music or videos since there is no DRM to worry about. The DRM is removed from both paid music and videos and the free music and videos.

How To Transfer Photos from Your iPhone to Your PC

If you are wondering how to transfer files between iDevice and PC without iTunes, you can just click that link to show you the video of how it all works. You will love how easy and simple the process is to complete. The best part about WinX MediaTrans is that you can download your free copy of the program right now by going to the website. The free copy is quick to download and it will run on a variety of computer systems.

The steps are really simple if you would like to transfer photos from your iOS device to your PC. The first step is to download your free copy of WinX MediaTrans onto your computer. Install WinX MediaTrans onto your PC, and then connect your iPhone to your computer. You should use the original Apple USB cable to do this transfer. You will then get a pop-up that tells you that it would be a good idea to change your iTunes settings. This pop-up is there to prevent all of the data from being automatically erased.

The last step to take is to click on “Photo Transfer” from the WinX MediaTrans interface. All of your photos are then grouped together by the preference you set. You can group by the year, the day, and even the month. Once you have selected how to group the photos, you can select the photos that you would like to transfer over to your PC. Click on “Export” and then all of those photos are quickly transferred onto your PC.

Overall Opinion of WinX MediaTrans vs. iTunes

When it comes to WinX MediaTrans vs. iTunes, we definitely think that WinX MediaTrans is the way to go. It is much easier to use than iTunes and there are more features available in this software. We love how simple the download of the program is and installation is a breeze. All kinds of files can be transferred using this program, from music to videos to personal documents and more. The best part about this program is that you can get a free copy of the program by going to the website. If you need to remove DRM or transfer files to your PC from your iOS device, WinX MediaTrans is the best program to use.



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