Trump Administration Held Talks With Venezuelan Military To Discuss Coup, Reports Says

The Trump administration discussed a coup with Venezuelan military officers against Maduro, a report has revealed. The New York Times report mentions that the two sides discussed but the Trump administration later decided not to support the plans.

The talks are said to have been done with a group of military officers who want Maduro out of power. The New York Times reports that the military officers reached out to the Trump administration after Trump said in August 2017 that the US was not ruling out a military invasion.

The Venezuelan government quickly responded to his comments, with some officials calling it a threat. The New York Times reports that the military official wasn’t asking for military intervention by the US but support to detain Maduro and other government officials.

The report comes at a time in which the country’s situation seems to be getting a lot worse. The inflation levels continue to rise, despite the new economic plan recently introduced by the government.

There have also been a number of incidents involving the government. Last year, a rebel police officer threw grenades at the country’s supreme court building. Just a few weeks ago, Venezuelan officials and military were all over the news after a failed drone attack.

Videos of the failed attack show the president looking up and then being protected by bodyguards. The incident happened during a speech by Maduro at a military parade. The video of the incident ends with the military running away from the area.

Venezuela’s economic collapse has forced millions to flee from the country in recent years, according to figures from the UN and others. Colombia, Chile, Spain and the US are some of the countries that have seen hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans arrive.

The government has responded to the pictures and videos of Venezuelans fleeing by saying that it is all staged. Its vice president has said the numbers are being inflated and that the migration levels are normal.

Earlier this year, the International Monetary Fund estimated that inflation will reach one million percent by the end of the year. The government recently introduced a new economic plan but experts say this will only make things worse.

The White House has not confirmed or denied the report from The New York Times.