2018-19 Season: 5 Teams That Desperately Need a Win

The sports season is just starting for some leagues but there are several teams that are dropping fast and looking to improve their results. The list includes some of the biggest sports teams around the world. Here are five teams that desperately need a win to turn things around:

Real Madrid

Real Madrid is coming off three straight Champions League titles but the start to this season has been very disappointing. The club has three losses and one draw in its last four games. What’s even worse is that the club has not scored a single goal in those games.

In La Liga, Real Madrid sit in fourth place with 14 points in eight games. The good news is that Barcelona and Atletico Madrid aren’t far ahead. Sevilla is leading the league with 16 points.

In the Champions League, Real Madrid are second after the loss to CSKA Moscow. Real Madrid’s next game will be against Levante.

Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich has been very dominant in the Bundesliga but this campaign has not gone as planned. The German club is currently in sixth place and while the difference from the league leader is just four points, this is a very disappointing start. The last Bundesliga game was an 0 – 3 loss, which is something we’re not used to seeing from them. The club is also in a close group in the Champions League.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles won their first Super Bowl last season but the story has been much different this campaign. The team started with a close win against the Falcons but things have gone downhill since. The Eagles have also lost several players to injury and are rumored to be in the race for a new running back since they have lost Jay Ajayi for the season.

The Eagles have a record of 2 – 3 but the good news for them is that the rest of the NFC East has also been very disappointing. The division leader is Washington with a 2 – 2 record. The Eagles will play the Giants later today in a must win game for both of them.

Manchester United

Manchester United’s start to the 2018-19 season has been far from perfect. The club is second in its Champions League group stage with four points in two games. But the story is way different in the Premier League. They currently sit in eighth place in the EPL after eight games played. The club was also eliminated from the football league cup after a loss against Derby County.

On Saturday, it looked like Manchester United was going to have another difficult game but they took the three points after a comeback victory against Newcastle.


Tottenham’s Premier League campaign isn’t going so bad. The English club is just two points behind league leaders Manchester City. The EPL is just getting started so the club has plenty of time to keep rising in the standings. The club isn’t doing so well in one of the most popular football tournaments, the Champions League.

Tottenham has started the Champions League campaign with two losses. The latest loss was against Barcelona. The two teams at the top of the group are Barcelona and Inter Milan with six points each. Tottenham cannot afford to lose next game since they are already six points back with a goal difference of -3.