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Belgium: Robbers Arrested After Salesman Tells Them To Return Later

A group of robbers was planning to steal money from a shop but they listened to the salesman and decided to return later. The incident has caught the attention of local media since it couldn’t be more obvious that the salesman had other plans for them when they returned.

The incident began when the group walked into Didier’s shop and the salesman came out to speak to them. The six people wanted money from the shop but the salesman attempted to calm things down by telling them to return later.

The response of the salesman during the robbery may sound like a joke but the group actually decided to leave and return later. The salesman told them at the time that he could give them more money at the end of the day. He had other ideas for their return to the shop.

The salesman spoke to the BBC and said that it was like a comedy and that they are now being called the worst robbers in the country. The group left the shop after the first attempt and surprised the salesman by returning some time later.

The salesman was prepared for a return by the robbers, who had asked for money in the first attempt earlier that day. The shop owner said he tried to befriend the group when they were at the shop asking for the money.

The owner said there was some pushing and shoving during the robbery but added that he didn’t give them a thing. He told them that if they came back later, he would have 2,000 or 3,000 euros.

The group was actually convinced by his response and decided to come back later. What they didn’t expect or think was that police was contacted in case they returned. The owner contacted police shortly after the first attempt and they told him they didn’t believe they would come back to the shop.

The group was back at about 5:30 PM for the money the owner had talked about during their first attempt. Their second visit came about an hour before the shop’s closing time. The owner told local media that he saw one of them standing near the shop and he told him that it was not closing time yet.

The group returned for a third time during the shop’s closing time. This was their final attempt since police were nearby to capture the group. Police arrested five males, including a minor.

Local media is now calling the robbers the worst in Belgium but they have strong competition around the world since a few others have also been spotted by security cameras or arrested for doing similar things.

Earlier this year, two robbers went viral when they approached a store in Shanghai and attempted to enter by breaking the glass with a brick. The incident went viral after police uploaded the video.

In the video, the robbers are seen looking inside the shop before grabbing bricks. One of them throws a brick but it hits the other robber, who is knocked out. The robber quickly runs to his fallen friend and attempts to get him up. He does not get up so the robber decides to drag him out of the entrance and out of the view of the camera.


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