Fortnite Season 6: Week 3 Challenges and Tips

The Week 3 challenges for Season 6 of Fortnite are now out and they come with various stages that you have to complete. Some of the challenges are similar to those that we have seen in previous weeks. Here are the challenges for this week and how to complete them as quickly as possible:

Damage Trap Eliminations

The trap challenge is back and while it sounds easy, it might take a while for some. The challenge requires you to deal damage and get an elimination with one trap. Traps are common around the map but you have to get an opponent to run into one.

At the start of a game, if you run into a crowded area such as Salty Springs or Tilted Towers, place a trap in the entrance of a building. This usually works since opponents are in a rush to get weapons and shields. Another thing you can do is surround an opponent and place a trap inside the structure.

Eliminate an Opponent In Ten Different Matches

This challenge is very simple but you’re going to have to play at least ten matches. For this challenge, you have to get one elimination in ten different matches.

Hit Player With Tomato From 15m Away

This challenge is one of the easiest of the week and it can be completed before the game starts. In the waiting lobby, you can hit other players or your friends with a tomato. Make sure to be 15m away when throwing the tomato. The game will tell you exactly how much distance you need.

Complete Timed Trials

The timed trials are back but this time the game requires you to complete just three. The timed trials are some of the most difficult challenges that the game has released so far and they are a bit challenging this time too.

The timed trials can be found around the map and one of the easiest is located on the bridge outside of Shifty Shafts. The timed trial there requires you to build a ramp across the bridge. Another timed trial is located at Tomato Temple. That one requires you to build around the temple. There is another located on the hill between Shifty Shafts and Tilted Towers.

Visit Various Locations / 5 Stages

This challenge is easy but it could take some time as it requires you to visit specific locations in the map. There are five stages on this challenge and each stage requires you to visit two locations. The first two locations are Risky Reels and Wailing Woods, which are close.

The other locations are a bit far so you’ll need to find rifts or some transportation to get there as quickly as possible.

Search Chests / 5 Stages

The Week 3 challenges include two that have five stages. The second challenge that requires five stages is search chests. The first location is Lonely Lodge, which can be found right on top of the race track or near the mansion on the right side of the map.

All you have to do is find a chest in this location. There are plenty over there, including two on the big house and a few others on the tower.

Revive Player In Five Different Matches

This challenge is pretty simple and will be completed if you just play matches with a squad or duo. All you have to do is revive a friend when he is knocked down. The challenge requires you to do this in five different matches so it could take some time.