Sony Is Bringing PSN Name Changes

Sony recently dropped the news that it will introduce a feature that allows you to change your PSN name. The announcement was something that gamers had been waiting for years.

Sony had talked about the feature in the past but it is now being released, well at least for some gamers. The feature will first be released for those who are part of the preview program and have tested system software updates in the past.

The name change feature will allow those who have the option to change their PSN IDs to something else. This is huge since there are many gamers out there who created their PSN IDs years ago and now want to change it. There are many out there who rushed to make a name and now regret making it.

The name change feature had been requested by gamers for years. Other consoles have the option but Sony had never really confirmed if it was coming. The company had mentioned the possibility in the past, giving gamers hope that it would happen during the PS4 era.

Feature Is Coming Soon

The feature will only be available for some at first but reports say it will be released to all some time in early 2019. The name change feature will allow you to change your name as well as show your previous PSN ID next to it. The option of showing your previous PSN ID can only be selected once, so if you choose not to display it then no one will really know what your name was before.

The first name is said to be free but the others after that will cost $10. For PS Plus members, the name change will cost $5 after the first one.

The feature will not include all games though. It’s been revealed that it will be included for games that were released from April 2018. The list will also feature some of the popular games that were released before that month. Sony has not given the names of those games but we are guessing big titles such as Uncharted 4 and Fortnite.

The name change feature was something that many wanted to see and it will soon be coming to the PS4. Sony has dropped two big announcements in recent weeks. The tech giant recently brought cross-play between the Xbox One after months and months of criticism from gamers.