2030 World Cup: Argentina’s Joint Bid Could Be Affected By Recent Incidents

It is no secret that Argentina is interested in a joint bid with Uruguay and Paraguay for the 2030 World Cup. The South American nations have confirmed the interest by having players such as Messi and Suarez wear shirts with the numbers 20 and 30 before a World Cup qualifying match.

The bid is said to be a serious candidate but the recent incidents in Argentina may have been enough for FIFA to look somewhere else. The bid by the three countries has the centenary of the World Cup on its side. Uruguay was the first country to host a World Cup back in 1930.

Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay would each host World Cup matches if the bid ended up as the winner. But there is one problem that has extended to the point that many are now questioning if Argentina would be a good host for the famous tournament.

The problem has nothing to do with the World Cup, it actually involves the biggest football tournament in South America, Copa Libertadores. The tournament is currently in the final but both teams are involved in a dispute in which no one knows what is going to happen.

The Copa Libertadores final caught the attention of the world since two of Argentina’s biggest teams,┬áRiver Plate and Boca Juniors, made it to the end. The two happen to be big rivals, sort of like Barcelona and Real Madrid or Manchester City and Manchester United.

The final began with a little bit of controversy, with bad weather and little information on what was going to happen. Fans were eventually told that the game was postponed. The game was played the following day, ending in a 2 – 2 draw.

The day of the second game arrived but we quickly learned that Boca Juniors was not ready to play after what went on when the team bus was traveling to the stadium. Videos taken by people standing nearby showed the team bus being attacked by River Plate fans. Windows were broken and the bus filled with tear gas from police who were trying to disperse the crowd.

The incident sparked confusion among fans and the two teams. Fans at the stadium were told that the game was suspended hours later. Boca Juniors players also accused CONMEBOL of trying to force them to play. Its team captain was one of the few players that was injured in the attack.

The game was scheduled to take place the following day but it was later decided to hold a meeting. Since the suspension, the controversy has continued. Reports have pointed out that Boca Juniors wants the trophy to be given to them while other reports have mentioned that the game will not be played at River Plate’s stadium.

The incident and everything that happened after has disappointed fans across the world. There are now rumors that the game will be moved to Madrid. It was initially rumored that the game would be moved to another South American country or that it would be played in a different stadium.

South America last hosted the World Cup in 2014, which means that the region will be eligible for a 2030 bid. The three appeared to be favorites early on but the recent incidents aren’t good news for those who want to see the famous tournament return to South America. On top of that, several countries have also announced that they will be bidding for 2030. England and China are just some of the countries that are said to be very interested in being hosts.