Babahu X1 – The Worlds 1st AI Powered Hand Free Toothbrush Launches on Indiegogo

The Babahu X1, aka the world’s first AI Powered Hand Free Toothbrush launched on Indiegogo on Nov 21st.

The Babahu claims that it provides an intelligent deep clean using built-in smart AI algorithms to brush at different vibration frequencies. It is based on the Bass method of brushing and suitable for adults as well as children. The device is considered safe and hygienic with FDA approval. The first backers on Indiegogo get an exclusive price that’s up to 50% off the msrp.

The brush head is made out of an edible medical grade silica gel containing bacteriostat that is molded into the unibody of the brush at 300 Degrees Celsius. This method is designed to kill off any harmful bacteria like that found on traditional toothbrushes. Additionally, the U-shape mouth is a patented design that uses 6D bristles at a 45 degree angle for maximum tooth coverage.

The brush body uses an interesting “magnetic levitation” sonic motor that vibrates at a speed of 18,000-40,000 RPM’s which is supposedly the ideal speed for most all oral conditions. The system then applies the AI algorithms for timing and also recognizes when the brush head is connected. There are 3 modes available by default. These include the standard, clean, and gum care modes. Additionally, there is a kids’ version that has a built voice system that provides bite strength alerts, brush head usage, and brushing stage details.

The Babahu X1 also comes with a wireless charging base that allows you to charge up to 3 brush heads at a time.  Charging takes around 2 hours and a full charge lasts for up to 30 days.

Using the Babahu X1 is super simple

  1. Squeeze some toothpaste on both sides of the U-shape brush head.
  2. Gently bite the U-groove of the brush head.
  3. Press the start button and the super soft bristles will begin to clean your teeth.

It’s as simple as that.

To check out the full Indiegogo campaign click the link below.