China Will Be The Most Visited Country In 12 Years, Report Says

The world’s most populous country will overtake France as the most visited country in the world, according to a new report. Euromonitor International predicts that China will be the most visited by 2030.

The country will also have the highest number of outbound travelers. The US and Germany currently have the highest number of outbound travelers but the report says China will have 260 million outbound trips by 2030.

China, which has a population of over 1.3 billion people, has many tourist destinations across the country. Wouter Geerts, a consultant at Euromonitor and the author of the report, spoke at the World Travel Market event in London and said that tourism was now an important part of the Chinese economy.

His report mentions that the country will have the largest inbound market in 12 years. The majority of the tourists will come from places such as Taiwan and Hong Kong. China is already a popular tourist destination but it will be the most popular in the world by 2030.

The record number of visits is said to be due to the economic growth and rise in incomes in neighboring countries. The process of entering the country has also gotten a lot easier. Asian visitors are now able to apply and receive visas faster and easier than previous years. The Euromonitor official said 80 percent of the tourists visiting Asia come from within the continent.

The process is a bit different for citizens of other countries. Asian visitors can easily obtain a visa but the process is a bit more difficult and expensive for people from countries such as the US.

The number of visitors and domestic travel has continued increasing for China in the last few years. Close to five billion trips have been taken this year. The number is expected to rise to 6.7 billion by 2023. China won’t be the only one benefiting from travel in the near future. The report adds that domestic trips in all of Asia will grow by ten percent this year.

The title of most visited country in the world currently belongs to France. The European country managed to retain its crown earlier this year after seeing 89 million visitors last year. The number of visitors was an increase of eight percent from the year before.

France saw a drop the years before, with experts saying that it was due to the terror attacks in 2015. The second most visited country is said to be Spain while the third is the US.

France has been a popular tourist destination for quite a while. The French capital is a huge attraction for foreign visitors. The city sees about 30 million visitors each year. The country saw 13 million visitors from Germany last year. Experts explain that France sees a lot of visitors due to its strategic location. They say millions of people are forced to pass through the country to make their way to other countries.

Didier Arino, an official of Protourisme, a company that focuses on tourism, said between 15 to 20 million come to France just to pass through and reach Spain or Italy.

Experts say France’s countryside is also a major attraction for tourists. They say these places are actually what most tourists want to visit. Mr. Arino says the countryside is popular among visitors from the UK. Wine regions are also said to be a popular tourist destination, drawing over 20 million people each year.