Fortnite: 5 Cool Concepts We Would Like To See In The Game

Battle royale game Fortnite allows players to do plenty of things around the map. In recent months, the game has added vehicles and introduced several ways to get from one point to another in just seconds. The game is constantly updated and players usually suggest a few ideas that they would love to see in the future. Several concept images and ideas have surfaced on social media and websites, here are some we would like to see in the game:

Customizable Skins

Fortnite offers different styles for some of its skins, including the Omega and Wolf. But what if the game had a customizable option to make the skin look a bit different. One suggestion that I have seen is letting us change the color of the hat or armband that the skins usually have.


In past updates, Fortnite has added the port a fort and fortress. The two can be thrown anywhere in the map to give players a nice cover against the enemy. The Port-a-Fiend suggestion is basically the same idea but instead of spawning cover it spawns a number of monsters in the place you throw it.

If you were around for the Halloween update, you remember the monsters chasing you around the map as you fought other squads. The monsters weren’t strong but they would do anything to get to a player. The item would simply spawn a group of monsters to give you a small advantage in the battle.

Storm Potion

One of the biggest opponents, besides the ton of players on the map, is the storm. Every Fortnite player has been hit by the storm at some point and sometimes, the game simply puts the circle on the other side. Avoiding the storm can be a little difficult if you have opponents that know you’re there. But this concept would change things up.

The storm potion allows you to remain in the storm for a lot longer without taking any damage. The idea has the potion lasting 20 seconds, which is fair since you can’t have a player just sitting outside.

In-Depth Stats

Fortnite offers players the option to check their profile and leaderboard. In there, you can see things such as eliminations and games played. But there isn’t much besides that, well at least on consoles. The in-depth stats idea would provide players with more much detailed information on the games they have played. For example, a chart with the weapons that you have the most eliminations with or a chart that shows how you have done against opponents with a certain weapon. Some players don’t really check their stats but it would be a good option for those who like to keep track of them.

Campfires Around The Map

There are several campfires that are not lit around the map. One of them can be found on the camp site right next to the lake. The idea would simply allow players to start the campfire for wood, metal or brick. It would be like spending material for a vending machine.

Medkits, bandages and shields are difficult to find at times so this would provide players the option to get some health back quick.