Four People Charged Over Ambulance Damage After World Cup Game

Four people have been charged over the incident in which an ambulance was damaged. The incident took place right after the World Cup game between Sweden and England. The quarterfinals game ended with a victory from England and fans quickly took the streets to celebrate.

Three men and a woman were involved in the incident with the ambulance. The vehicle was driving by the crowd but it was stopped. The ambulance was left with damages and had to be taken out of service. The incident happened on July 7 at the Borough High Street in London.

The ambulance was left with damages on its hood and windshield. Crowdfunding pages later raised thousands of pounds to repair the ambulance. Images of the damaged ambulance quickly spread on social media, with many criticizing the behavior of the fans.

The London Ambulance Service has said that the money raised will be used to restore an old ambulance. The decision was made after a Skoda dealership offered to repair the ambulance for free.

The incident involving a vehicle was one of several reported following the game. Thousands of fans around the country took the streets to celebrate but reports said the celebrations left damages around the city and vehicles.

In some cities, fans celebrated on top of bus stops and vehicles that were parked or driving by. In one of the incidents, a Nottingham taxi driver was left with damages to his vehicle after a crowd surrounded the car and began celebrating.

The incidents forced authorities to issue warnings on behavior after the games. England went on to play Croatia in the semi-finals but they lost that game.

Several organizations helped those who were affected by the celebrations. The JustGiving page raised thousands of pounds for the taxi driver. The Millwall Supporters Club also raised thousands of pounds for the ambulance that was damaged in the celebrations.

The manager of the company behind the taxi service said the driver was not injured during the incident. Chelsea Reason decided to set up a fundraiser after hearing about the incident. Authorities said at the time that several people had been arrested after the game. The National Police Chiefs Council said there had been over 1,000 football related incidents since the tournament kicked off.

The incidents also forced a few towns to make changes before the next game. Before the semi-final against Croatia, the Middlesbrough Council said the public screening of the game had been canceled. It was announced that the decision had been taken over the previous incidents.

England had a solid run in the 2018 World Cup, making it all the way to the semi-finals. The results brought celebrations across the country since the team had not had a run like that in a while. England lost against Croatia but the future appears to be good for the national team.