Online Relationships: Do a Background Check as Soon as Possible

Making friends online may seem like a good idea, but you can never know for sure if they’re really what they seem to be. You cannot do anything but trust what they say, since you cannot actually prove anything while online. It’s always good to run a background check on these people to make sure they’re simply persons, or something worse.

If you choose to do a background check, you’ll get access to their bankruptcy filing, social media profiles on all the platforms and criminal records. You cannot always be safe, so you need to be cautious, especially if you’re looking for a love interest.

Here’s why you should run the background check before it’s too late. People search is much easier these days.


Catfishing means when someone creates a fake profile on social media, especially if we’re talking about the dating world. They may simply want attention, or they want to attract people so they can steal personal data and money.

People don’t really realize when catfish happen. This thing happens a lot when it comes to long-distance partners. You must not trust a person you met online until you did not meet him or her in person.

Details about life

Maybe it’s not catfish. Maybe it’s a person that doesn’t tell you all the details about his or her life. Let’s say he and she has a speeding ticket – it’s not that big of a deal, and that person might just be embarrassed to tell you.

But it might not be just that. A speeding ticket is nothing, in comparison with a DUI, for example. Maybe he or she does not tell you some of the details because he doesn’t want to, because there’s a plan in the middle – stealing money (almost all the time). You probably want to avoid fraud, so make sure you run a background check and find out as much info as you can before entering a relationship with that person.

Use Google to find that person

There’s one very simple way to find out more about a person – by using Google. Enter some info about that specific person and take a look at the primary results – social media accounts.

It’s a good idea to put their full name in quotation marks, or write their email address and some other phrases – school, debt, university, divorce, criminal record. You might find exactly what you need to know.

Reverse Image Search

Before using Google, you can simply do a reverse image search. Upload the profile picture of that specific person – it’s the best way to find if a person is catfish or not. The site will give you all the places in which the photo is uploaded. This will help you in deciding whether the person is worth it or not.