Samsung Galaxy S10 To Drop The Iris Sensor?

The Samsung Galaxy S10 will likely be the next big release of the company but there is little information on the top features that it will bring. The latest leak has nothing to do with what it will bring but what it will leave out. The phone is expected to have the latest and greatest but one big feature might be left out.

Leakster Ice Universe has said on Twitter that the phone will feature an ultrasonic fingerprint reader. This fingerprint reader isn’t very common on Samsung smartphones but it is said to be much better than other in-display readers available on other releases.

No Iris Sensor?

It is rumored that the company might end up leaving out the iris sensor to help the phone have an ever bigger screen-to-body ratio. The iris sensor feature debuted with the release of the Galaxy Note 7 in late 2016.

The Galaxy S10 is rumored to be coming early next year and it is not the first time we hear about one of its features. In recent weeks, it’s been rumored that the phone will feature up to four cameras on the back.

Recent Releases and Top Features

The four cameras are now looking very likely since the company already has one phone with four cameras. We’re talking about the recently announced Galaxy A9, which has a total of five cameras. The announcement also came with the launch of the Galaxy A7, which has a triple camera setup. The triple camera setup is the first ever on a Samsung smartphone. Huawei and Oppo smartphones had beaten Samsung to the triple camera setup though.

The four cameras were rumored for the Galaxy S10 but Samsung went ahead and made a surprise addition to the Galaxy A9, which is a mid-range device. It will be interesting to see what the Galaxy S10 brings since Samsung is not holding back on the big features, even on its mid-range devices.

Big Plans For 2019

The Galaxy S10 could be one of several impressive releases of the company in 2019. Samsung is said to be working on its foldable phone, which could come right around the same time. The phone is a mystery just like the Galaxy S10 but we will likely get more information as 2019 gets closer.

Do you want to see the removal of this feature? Which top features would you like to see on the Galaxy S10? Let us know in the comments.