AI Electric Toothbrush Babahu X1 Reaches Over 500 Percent of Goal on Indiegogo

We have great news about the AI electric toothbrush Babahu X1, as it has reached over 500 percent of the goal funding on Indiegogo. This would be the world’s first AI electric toothbrush on the market that features a 360-degree angle. As you likely know, artificial intelligence is found in everything these days, including cameras, cell phones, and other devices such as umbrellas. The Babahu X1 takes that artificial intelligence and makes it work for you in the form of an electric toothbrush. Read on to learn more about the Babahu X1 and the special referral program going on as a result of this huge achievement.

What is the Babahu X1 Electric Toothbrush?

As we mentioned above, the Babahu X1 is an electric toothbrush that offers 360-degree rotation. This new product was put up on Indiegogo where it reached over 500 percent of the goal backing. The Babahu X1 is the world’s first AI electric toothbrush with a 360-degree angle. This is really the first time that artificial intelligence has been used in a toothbrush. With just a simple push of a button, you will have artificial intelligence cleaning your teeth.

It sounds weird, but in reality, this is a great concept. The vibration frequencies with this toothbrush will all be different to give you the most effective cleaning possible. Just push the button and allow the artificial intelligence to brush your teeth. The Babahu X1 has only been on Indiegogo for about two weeks, so it is amazing it has reached more than 500 percent of the financial goal already. There is a huge celebration going on due to the Babahu X1 reaching 500 percent of the goal on Indiegogo. This is what we really wanted to tell you about, because you can earn free gifts as a reward.

Electric Toothbrush Babahu X1 Promotion Offers Free Goodies to Backers

The celebration is for some free products, but you must be a backer in order to get in on this offer. You first will need to join the referral program. Once you back the campaign and then share it through social media, you will be able to get freebies. You can choose to share the campaign through Facebook, Twitter or other social media. If you refer three people you will get a Babahu brush head. If you refer 10 people, you will get a Babahu adult package. Referring 15 people will earn you a Babahu couple package. If you can refer 20 people, then you will earn the Babahu family package.

It is important to note that those you refer must go through your personal link in order to be counted as a referral. Once those people have clicked your link and then backed the project, you will earn rewards based on how many people have signed up. You will be able to get the real-time referral dates of your friends. About a week before the Babahu X1 campaign ends, all of this data will be uploaded. There are even a couple different methods for you to go about being part of this referral program.

The first methods is just logging into your Indiegogo account and heading to the Babahu X1 campaign page. From there, go to the social media options and then just share them with your friends. The second method involves going to the link found at the top right of the Babahu X1 campaign page, and then copy this link when it pops up. Share that link through social media and then you will get rewarded.

More Features of the Babahu X1

When it comes to the Babahu X1 artificial intelligence electric toothbrush, we wanted to tell you a few more details about it. This is the world’s first artificial intelligence toothbrush and it also will work in conjunction with a smartphone. We do not really know how it works except that the AI conversion is important in knowing which teeth to clean and for how long. There are 60 brushes on the Babahu X1 and it is made of silicon. There is a polishing time of about 20 seconds, and the brushing is different a little bit for each person.

The silicon brush parts are good for children ages 2 through 6, middle children ages 6 through 13, and adults above the age of 13. You will have wireless charging with the Babahu X1 and it also comes with IPX 7, allowing it to be waterproof and not negatively impacted by water. This is great just in case a child accidentally knocks the Babahu X1 into the water. It will still work even though it was in water and it has about 30 minutes of water resistance. You can also wash the Babahu X1 if it gets dirty due to the IPX 7 waterproofing.

Plaque Testing Easy for Children

Babahu is a company that is known for studying the tooth brushing habits of small children. There is the plaque test and the Bass method. The plaque test is very easy because you just chew these small tablets and then rinse it out with water. You and your children will notice that the teeth are then died red or pink if there is plaque. There is also the option of brushing your teeth with Babahu X1, an electric toothbrush, and then a regular toothbrush. You will notice that the Babahu X1 is much better than the traditional electric toothbrush or a regular toothbrush. You can see the test results by checking out this video.

The campaign has reached over 500 percent of the financial goal already on Indiegogo, and it has become a huge hit on the crowdfunding website. There are more sales and more cost-effective products being released by Babahu as part of this amazing crowdfunding effort. You can find the product by checking out the product link, and see all of the different options available.

There are options such as paying $99 for the adult package or $89 for the kid package. You will see all of the options right there and shipment of the product begins in January 2019. That is actually really soon for a product that was just launched on Indiegogo. Head over now and see all of the options and get in on these deals and referral freebies!