China: Eight Dead After Hijacked Bus Crashes Into Pedestrians

Eight people lost their lives after a hijacked bus crashed into a group in east China’s Fujian province. Local media reported that a hijacker with a knife was detained by authorities.

Local media said the incident happened on Tuesday at around 3:20 PM. 22 people were also injured in the incident. A video posted by Channel NewsAsia shows the moment after the bus stops in the middle of the road.

Video From News Agencies

In the video, several people are seen lying on the ground injured. The bus is stopped and badly damaged in the front. The camera then turns to a group of police officers who are detaining someone in the middle of the road.

22 Injured In The Attack

Local media reports that the man attacked a woman before taking control of the bus. It is currently unclear if the woman he attacked was one of the people that lost their lives. Authorities explained that on the same day of the incident, the man had an argument with an official who had visited his house. A report from Xinhua adds that the two had a long history of arguments.

Xinhua also reported that the suspect is a 48-year-old man. He is said to be from the city where the attack took place. Local media reports that 22 were injured in the attack and that all of them were taken to hospitals in the area. One is being treated for serious injuries.

Similar Incidents This Year

It is not the first time that an incident like this happens in China. Last month, a car ran into a group of children who were crossing the street in front of a school. The incident left five people dead and 19 injured. The driver was arrested by authorities and he later told them that he chose his victims at random. Reports said the man had thought about suicide before the incident.

The previous month, three people lost their lives when a man drove into a group of people. The man was fleeing the area after stabbing someone when it happened. Weeks before that incident, a man drove into a crowd in Hunan province. He attacked the group of people with a shovel and knife. Eleven people lost their lives and 44 were injured.

Authorities have not revealed the name of the suspect but reports have said that he is 48 years old and that he is from that city.