Fortnite Season 5 Trailer Was The Most Watched Gaming Video On YouTube

Millions of videos have been posted on YouTube this year but some have set crazy records on the video site. YouTube has revealed that one of those records was set by battle royale game Fornite. The Epic Games title saw record viewers for its Season 5 announcement.

YouTube revealed that the announcement trailer reached 48.6 million views. That was over a six month period. Fortnite is currently on its seventh season but Season 5 has proven to be one of the most popular.

The trailer for the fifth season of the battle royale game took first place by a lot. Second place went to the Fallout 76 official trailer with 33.8 million. The numbers also came around a six month period.

Fallout 76 has seen a troubled release, with gamers complaining that the title is nowhere near what was promised. The numbers for the official trailer show that fans couldn’t wait to see what the game developer was planning.

The third most watched game trailer on YouTube was Red Dead Redemption II. The Rockstar Games release saw 27.9 million views. The game was released back in October and it has done well for the company, earning hundreds of millions of dollars.

Game developer Supercell was quite popular on YouTube as well. The number four spot was taken by its Clash of Clans (Hammer Jam) with 22.3 million views. The fifth spot went to Clash Royale (Clan Wars) with a little over 20 million views.

Fortnite’s number one spot is no surprise due to its recent dominance in the gaming industry. The battle royale title has been a huge success since its release in mid 2017. Epic Games has earned hundreds of millions of dollars and its title has broken all kinds of records.

The trailer with the high number was for Season 5, which took place four months back. Epic recently launched the seventh season of its game, adding planes, new cosmetics as well as changes to the battle royale map. The game developer has also introduced Creative, a game mode that is similar to what we see from Minecraft. The game mode was officially released for all players on December 13. It initially debuted as an early access for Battle Pass owners. Speaking of Fortnite, its been announced that the game will soon release an update that will bring a new way of transportation.

The bottom five on the list was taken by videos from DOOM Eternal, Minecraft, League of Legends, GTA Online and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. The majority of these videos were for major updates for the games as well as teasers.

It is quite surprising to see some of these releases on this list, especially GTA Online, which continues to be a massive success for Rockstar despite being five years old.

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