German Journalist Billy Six Jailed In Venezuela

German journalist Billy Six is famous for covering conflicts and getting stories from people who have lived through them. He recently decided to visit Venezuela but things went bad right away.

Billy Six was there to cover the economic collapse and the problems that have surrounded the South American nation. But he is now in jail over charges that his family says include spying. The family has denied that he was in the country for that but he remains in one of the prisons in Caracas.

His father, Edward Six, recently spoke to the Associated Press and said that he never touched a weapon or joined any demonstrations. He added that his son talked to normal people and asked them questions that would go on the internet.

It is not the first time that the Venezuelan government detains a journalist. In the past, the government has decided not to let them enter the country. Others have been questioned when attempting to enter.

The German journalist was arrested three weeks ago but Venezuelan authorities have not commented. His family and Germany have little details on the arrest. They have not been able to visit Billy, who is currently being held in the Helicoide prison.

His father says it all began on November 16, when authorities searched a nightclub in Punto Fijo. Six was approached by police officers and he told them that he did not have his passport with him. He was escorted back to his hotel and questioned by the officers, according to his father.

The following day, a group of police officers who were heavily armed, entered the hotel and arrested him. He was later charged with rebellion, espionage and violating a security zone. His father said he remains in isolation but that he has not been harmed.

The family and German government have little details on the arrest but his father believes they may be using photos to accuse him. He believes that authorities are using a photo taken by Six at a Maduro rally back in May.

His father says the photo was taken there but that his son was standing behind the security perimeter. The government has not given any details on the case, including what he was arrested for.

Six began covering the economic collapse in Venezuela a while back. His father confirmed that he entered the South American country legally but that he could not secure the credentials needed to work as a reporter there. Six has released several videos of interviews and his travel across the country. He has been critical of Maduro’s government, something that has gotten other journalists in trouble in the past.

The journalist has not held back on his videos, showing the bad state that the country is currently in. This is not the first time that Billy is arrested. Five years ago, he was arrested in Syria and spent three months there when authorities found that he had illegally entered the country. Billy entered the country to cover the civil war, which has left more than 250,000 people dead since it began in 2011.