Huawei’s Upcoming Phone Is Notch Free

Huawei has released plenty of smartphones this year but its next release will come with major changes. Yesterday, the tech giant confirmed that it will be launching the Nova 4 on December 17.

The Nova series is quite popular but Huawei’s big change might make it even more attractive. The Nova 3 was a solid device, featuring dual cameras and pretty good specs. But the Nova 4 is unlike anything that the series has seen before.

Teaser Image

Official images of the actual device have not been released but teaser images have shown that this will be a huge release for the company. The teaser image is pretty much the front panel of the smartphone. The front panel looks like any other front panel we would see on a smartphone today, with the giant screen.

The big difference between the Nova 4 and the others is that the smartphone will not have a notch. Teaser images show that the device has a cutout for the front camera on the top left side. The cutout is a major change since companies have decided to go the notch route.

No Notch For The Nova 4

The notch has gone from uncommon to common in just a few months. Companies such as Xiaomi, LG and many others have decided to add one to their premium smartphones. The addition allows the companies to place front cameras and sensors at the top but some tech fans aren’t happy with the look.

The notch has been a big topic since it was revealed that the iPhone X would feature one. The Essential Phone was the first to really have one but Apple’s release was the one that drew all the attention.

Huawei has featured the notch on some of its smartphones but the company appears to be going the notch free direction. The Nova 4 is not out yet but the teaser images confirm that this will be the first to get rid of it.

Who Will Be First?

Huawei might be the first to release a notch free smartphone since December 17 is less than two weeks away but another giant could soon follow. Samsung is rumored to be working on a smartphone that also skips on the notch. There aren’t many details on that device but it is rumored to be similar to Huawei’s.

Huawei has revealed a lot through its teaser image but the Chinese giant has remained quiet on the big features and specifications for the Nova 4. Reports say that the screen-to-body ratio for this release could be up to 90 percent.

Processor, Plans For The Future

The processor remains a question mark up to this point. Some rumors suggest it could be the Kirin 710 or the Kirin 980 processor. We don’t know if there will be several variants of this smartphone but at least 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage is expected.

Huawei has already confirmed that it is working on a foldable device but the company appears to also be focused on a device that is notch free.