Man Fulfills Christmas Wish Found On Balloon

Randy Heiss spotted a balloon that later turned into a wish fulfilled for one child who was in a different country. The Arizona man was hiking with his dog close to the town of Patagonia and he spotted something that caught his attention. That thing happened to be an old balloon that was sitting on a bush.

The man thought it was just trash but then he noticed something on it. What he saw was a note that had been tied to the balloon. Heiss told KPHO that he unfolded the note and he could see that it was in Spanish and that it was written by a little girl.

The note happened to be a Christmas wish list from a girl named Dayami. The wish list asked for clothes, toys and a few other things. Heiss decided to find out what the note said and fulfill the wish.

The note was translated and he later found out that it had come from Nogales, Mexico. The city is located 20 miles away from Arizona. He and his wife were touched by the note and decided to start searching for her.

Heiss contacted Cesar Barron, a radio host in Nogales, and asked him to help find the girl. The radio host wasted no time and he used the radio as well as social media to find the girl. Barron told CNN that as soon as they shared the letter, the post blew up and they found her father in an hour.

The radio host contacted Randy to let him know that the girl had been found. Randy responded by saying that they needed to deliver the presents as soon as possible. A day later, they all met the girl at the radio station. Dayami received the presents at the radio station.

Barron captured a video of the couple meeting the girl. Heiss’ wife told her that Heiss had found the letter and that he had sent it to Santa. The couple told the girl that Santa had asked them to deliver the presents.

Dayami’s family explained how the balloon got there. They told the radio host that the girl participated in a Christmas tradition by the family. During the Christmas tradition, they release a balloon. She released a red balloon with all her Christmas wishes.

Dayami and other family members wrote letters to Santa. One of the letters was left at the Christmas tree while the other was released on the balloon. Dayami’s balloon made a long journey across the city and into Patagonia, Arizona.

The family found out that they were looking for her when her mother received a message on Facebook. She says it caught her attention since her daughters name is not common. She saw the post and confirmed that it was really her letter since she had another one on the tree.

The radio host told CNN that a lawyer from Los Angeles heard about the story and decided to send the girl even more gifts. The radio host also captured a video of the girl thanking everyone for reading her story.