Mobike Has Reduced Bike Theft In Mexico

Mobike launched its service in Mexico earlier this year but it quickly ran into problems when part of its fleet started disappearing. The service was a huge success from the start though, with many users rushing to try the new bikes.

Thefts were still something that the service needed to reduce. From February to June, over 400 bikes were reported stolen. This was around 88 percent of its fleet, according to the company.

Theft is a problem that many bike sharing services face across the world but Mobike has managed to turn the situation around in just a few months. The company has not only equipped its bikes with the best technology but also brought more security measures.

Mobike, which has recently made its way to Latin America, has been forced to take action over vandalism and theft in recent months. In some places, the problem has been so bad that the service has been forced to leave. In August, the company threatened to leave Manchester and the following month it left, citing thefts and vandalism.

Rene Ojeda, General Manager at Mobike in Mexico, explained that the loss of bikes is now at one percent monthly. He added that the recovery rate is between 80 to 85 percent.

The numbers have been reduced due to the technology being used on the bikes. Each unit is equipped with technology that allows the company and authorities to locate them. A high percentage of them are recovered by the company after they are stolen. Authorities recently said that the majority of the thefts occur in Miguel Hidalgo.

The general manager has said that crimes in the city will not stop the service from expanding. He explained that this is part of the experience they have to go through when launching the service in a new place.

Mobike has recently launched in other parts of Latin America. One of them is Chile, where it faced several cases of vandalism and theft. Authorities have announced the recovery and arrest of people who have stolen the bikes. The service recently announced a new bike model for Chile, where it has thousands of users.

Mobike’s service is only available in a few places in Mexico. The places are said to have 200,000 users between them. The popular service has made it clear that it plans to expand to bigger cities, including Puebla and Guadalajara.

The company plans to introduce the service to Leon in the near future. Mobike has made a goal to enter cities that have nearly a million in population. The service has faced several problems since its arrival but the general manager has said that a trial run will help determine what the company needs to do going forward.

Mobike is one of the biggest bike sharing services around the world. The company, founded in 2015, has quickly arrived to Europe and parts of Latin America. The service is very popular in China, where it has most of its bikes. Mobike is currently operating in more than 200 cities in 19 countries.