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Why People Love Top 10 Lists

Psychologists believe people round off numbers to the nearest five or ten for a reason. You hardly hear people speak about their “top six” favorite movies. If the number is above five, they make it a top 10 list, or top 15 or top 20.

In sports, in entertainment, and throughout school life, rounding up numbers is a common thing. The situation is equally similar when it comes to shopping online. Journalists rarely compile top seven lists. They go with rounded numbers because that’s what shoppers search for as well. If you are curious why people love top 10 lists, we’ve got some answers.

They make it easy to Process Information

With so much information online, top 10 lists make it easy to process the information. If you are searching for types of shopping bags, you can divide the items into categories. Top 10 bags based on brand helps you to see what different brands offer. A list based on prices helps you manage your budget.

Where the buying guides are properly numbered, you can skip the content and simply read the headlines. You don’t need to dedicate much effort to grasp the content of top 10 articles. By comparison, non-listed articles ask that you go through the content to understand what the author is saying.

They are easy to Memorize

Breaking down products and services into lists make it easier to memorize them. Psychologists believe people remember things better when they are categorized into small lists. If you list Apple, Samsung, and Huawei as the top three largest smartphone brands, a lot of people will remember it. If you write an article talking about the three brands in detail but with no list, fewer people will understand.

Attaching a number to top 10 lists also helps with memorization. It’s easier to understand which brand ranks third in popularity if the article mentions the brand plus its position. If you list top 10 shopping websites in a bullet manner, people may remember the brands. But if there is a number alongside every list, it becomes easier to remember the ranks.

They give you Reasons

So, you are not sure whether to buy an antivirus for your computer? Here are ten reasons you should. You’ve probably read articles that started that way. The Internet is full of them and people like them. The articles give you reasons to buy something or they explain the items.

And because the lists are usually ordered and organized, they are attention-grabbing. The moment you read the title, you are hooked and want to learn more. When you find out the author lists their points in an organized manner, you become even more interested in the product.

They Rank and Compare Things

Online shoppers love comparing items online. They also love ranking them. In the same way, we love to organize things, our minds tend to compare and rank products so that we make decisions easier. Lit-based articles thus fulfill something we inherently are wired to do.

When you a top ten articles of places to visit, you want to read it because it’s comparing places. Most of the articles also rank the places or items. In the process, you feel gratified knowing the difference between one point and the other.

Of course, people disagree on top ten lists. But we read them nonetheless because they help us compare other people’s views with ours.

It is easier to Compare Different Authors

List-based articles express the views of their authors. And like with most opinions, you can’t always agree with every list. However, there are often multiple lists about the same topics that you can easily compare and contrast things.

If you are looking for the best 10 dating sites, a website like the will give you a comprehensive review. Out of the list, you may find five websites you agree with. If you want to expand your knowledge on dating site, you simply have to read another list.

They are Practical

A list on the top 10 ways to become successful helps you follow the tips given one by one. A top 10 list on books to read in 2018 gives you reasons why each book is important. A how to cook guide with steps on how to prepare a meal is more practical than that is disorganized.

The best top 10 websites are persuasive. If they are guides on how to buy VPN services, they show you the pros and cons of using each service. Depending on the topic, the guides take you through a process of how to do something. A guide on how to shop on Walmart takes you inside every corner of the retail store.

The Number 10 is Special

There are a lot of historical references to the number ten. To Christians, the number ten represents the number of commandments. The number is mentioned 242 times in the same book. Outside of religion, the number represents the number of amendments in the Bill of Rights.

The number is also popular on TV, popularized by TV personalities like David Letterman and game shows. Because of the number’s popularity, people generally like to read top 10 things online. When coupled with the ease of understanding ordered lists, top 10s become relatable.

They get People Talking

Top 10 lists are interesting. They inspire debates and make people share or disagree with the readers for the sake of educating one another. One reason the lists get people talking is that they express opinions. And everyone has one. If you find a top ten websites for shoes, people will tend to talk about their experiences with each website.

Customers that hate a certain website will disagree with the list and suggest a better website. The same thing happens with product lists. They inspire opinions which help both shoppers and authors.

To Conclude

Whether you agree or disagree with them, we can all agree list-based articles are fun to read. They organize points for easy reading. They inspire everyone to contribute and educator audiences as well.

Andy Debolt
Andy is a graduate of the University of Minnesota with a Bachelors Degree in Journalism. When he isn't writing Andy enjoys water sports and spending time on the golf course.


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