Samsung Galaxy S10 Launching February 20?

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is sounding like one of the most interesting devices for 2019. The flagship smartphone has been surrounded by leaks and rumors for months now. The latest leak not only reveals its launch date but also its price.

The interesting information comes from Gizmodo UK. The site reveals that the smartphone will be launched at a Samsung Unpacked event that will take place on February 20. MWC 2019 is scheduled to begin on February 25.

The report mentions that the smartphone will be officially released on March 8. It is not mentioned if the release is for all four variants that are rumored to be coming with the Galaxy S10.

The report also gives details on the prices, at least for the UK. One of the cheapest variants will be priced at £669. That variant has a 5.8-inch display as well as 128GB of internal storage.

The prices get much higher for other variants of the Galaxy S10. The regular Galaxy S10 will come with 128GB or 512GB of storage. The price of those will be £799 and £999.

The Galaxy S10+ will come with a lot more storage but that means the price will be much higher. The Plus version will begin with a 128GB model for £899. The second model will offer 512GB of storage at £1,099. But Samsung has plans for even more storage this time around. A third model will offer 1TB of storage and that obviously means that it will be the most expensive version at £1,399.

These are prices for the UK but if you convert the price for the 1TB model that is over $1,700. This price would easily make the Galaxy S10+ 1TB the most expensive smartphone ever released by Samsung. The record price might end up being broken by another Samsung phone weeks later.

Korean agency CGS-CIMB Research has released a report estimating the bill of materials for the upcoming Galaxy F. The report compares it to the Galaxy S9+ and iPhone XS Max. The bill of materials is more than 65 percent when compared to the iPhone XS Max and Galaxy S9+. They believe that the price will be around $1,800, which would be a little bit higher than the 1TB model.

Samsung’s foldable phone is rumored to be coming shortly after the release of the Galaxy S10. Previous reports have mentioned that Samsung will actually speed up the launch and release of the Galaxy S10 to make room for the debut of the Galaxy F.

Weeks back, the South Korean giant gave the tech world its first preview of the foldable phone. The phone made a brief appearance and there were no details on the specifications and prices. In recent months, reports have revealed that the phone could cost between $1,500 – $2,000.

What do you think about the UK prices for the Galaxy S10? Are you waiting for this smartphone? Let us know in the comments.