Samsung Nigeria Twitter Account Caught Using iPhone

Samsung Mobile’s Twitter account in Nigeria has been spotted using an iPhone to post updates about Samsung devices. YouTube star Marques Brownlee, who has spotted others doing the same, shared an image of the tweet along with details that it was made from the iPhone Twitter app.

The BBC reports that the account was later shut down and deleted. It was also reported that over 300 tweets had been made from the same app. The account was caught using an iPhone in a tweet advertising the Note 9 LED display.

The Samsung Nigeria account has been brought back but the tweets made from that app have been removed. Twitter analyst Luca Hammer searched through the more than 3,000 tweets and found that ten percent had the same ”via Twitter for iPhone” message.

Mr. Brownlee, who reviews and talks about the latest tech on YouTube, is no stranger to catching accounts and celebrities using iPhones or other phones to promote another device. He was recently on the Joe Rogan podcast and he talked about the time he caught actress Gal Gadot promoting a phone through another phone.

He explained that he pointed that out and that he was later blocked by the account. The YouTuber said it is not difficult to find that out since you can see it on the tweet details. He said the account later unblocked him.

It is not the first time that celebrities and athletes are caught doing this. In recent months, there have been several others who have been caught promoting a Samsung or Huawei phone through an iPhone.

In October, Samsung reportedly filed a lawsuit against its brand ambassador in Russia. Ksenia Sobchak was supposed to be promoting Samsung devices by using one but reports say she was spotted using an iPhone X.

She was not allowed to be seen using a phone from a different company but The Mirror reported that she was spotted using an iPhone during an interview. Images of the interview show her using a piece of paper to hide the phone that is on the table. Reports say she was also spotted using Apple’s phone during events in Moscow and other appearances.

The sightings appeared to have angered Samsung, which has a strong competition with Apple. Reports say the South Korean company filed a lawsuit against her for $1.6 million. It is currently unknown how much she was paid by Samsung to promote their devices.

Samsung and many other companies spend millions on social media stars, gamers, athletes and celebrities so they can promote their devices. It is now common since they have millions of followers they can reach. Samsung has recently teamed up with several Fortnite stars for its commercials and advertisements.

Samsung and Sobchak have not commented on the lawsuit but Apple Insider reports that the suit’s damages are likely higher than what she received as part of her contract with the company.