CES 2019: MUJA Gamepad Shown Off as Revolutionary Gaming Device as Indiegogo Campaign Launches

CES is known as being the largest technology conference in the world and CES 2019 was no exception. One of the biggest reveals of CES 2019 was the new MUJA gamepad, which is a product developed by Handscape. Handscape as you might have heard about before, is well-known brand that puts out innovative and unique game gadgets. The company was even recommended by Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple.

During CES 2019, we heard about a new product being launched on Indiegogo.com by Handscape called the MUJA gamepad. This specific product is designed for mobile devices, and it will work on both iOS and Android smartphones. Revolutionary has been a common term we have heard lately when talking about the new MUJA gamepad. You have never played before on a gamepad like MUJA. It really is revolutionizing gameplay on mobile devices. Continue reading to learn more about the MUJA gamepad and what we learned during the CES 2019 event.

CES 2019- A Revolutionary Gamepad Called MUJA Launches on Indiegogo

You can sign-up right now to get 50 percent off the MUJA gamepad when it launches by heading to the official website. This is a second-generation device that will overturn everything previously manufactured in the gamepad market. If you are already a mobile gamer, then you know how the old style gamepads worked. These older models were bulky, hard to hold comfortably in your hands, and it also was very inconvenient to setup.

You might also remember how playing games for a long time on your mobile device caused the smartphone to heat up drastically. Not only does the smartphone itself heat up, but the older gamepads would also become very hot and uncomfortable. This is where the MUJA gamepad really stands out, as it uses heat dissipation to stop the heat from transferring onto the gamepad or mobile device.

There are a lot of differences with the MUJA gamepad compared to the older style models. Another huge difference is the fact that the MUJA gamepad is designed using suction cups. These suction cups are durable and they will not fall off while you are playing games or handling your device. This is a unique and revolutionary product that will bring you a more enjoyable mobile gaming experience.

MUJA Gamepad Features Discussed at CES 2019

The suction cups allow for this product to stick onto your device without causing any harm or long-lasting damage to your device. It is easy to take on and off of your device, and you can transfer it quickly to another smartphone. Not only that, but this product also has Bluetooth connectivity. What we love the most about this product is that it supports both iOS and Android. That means you will be able to use the item regardless of which mobile device you currently own or plan on owning in the future.

Beyond that, there is also a built-in 450mAh battery that allows for 36 hours of gameplay and can be on standby for as long as 56 hours. That is pretty amazing for a 450mAh battery, and it means you can play for hours on your mobile device without needing to charge the gamepad. Since there is heat dissipation, you will not have to worry about the gamepad getting too hot or your mobile device getting too hot either. This allows you to play longer without worrying about the heat interfering with the smooth gameplay experience.

Front & Back Gameplay Part of the MUJA Gamepad Design

Going into more details about the design of the MUJA gamepad, another unique aspect with this device is that it allows you to play with both the front and back of your smartphone. The gamepad has a back gameplay functionality which gives you L1, L2, R1, and R2 buttons. These four extra buttons are able to be customized too, which is really cool. Playing on both the front and back also allows for a more comfortable gaming experience and provides a better ergonomic design. You will be able to win quickly in your games with this all-in-one product that is unique and innovative in every sense of the word.

You might remember Handscape from back in 2015, when it launched the first generation HandyCase. The HandyCase was for both iPhones and iPads and it managed over $300,000 in campaign funding. The first generation product only supported iOS, whereas the new MUJA gamepad will work with iOS and also Android.

Another downside to the HandyCase was that you had to have a case for both your iPhone and iPad. This was due to the fact that the devices themselves were different sizes. It definitely was a great first-generation product for that time. We know it has nothing on the new product that the company is now funding on Indiegogo.com. Since the MUJA gamepad does not contain adhesive, it will stay on your device using the suction cups. That design choice allows you to use this new product on all kinds of devices. You can use the product on different platforms or different sized devices.

MUJA Gamepad Indiegogo Campaign Begins Now with Special Pricing

The new MUJA gamepad is currently on Indiegogo.com and there is super early bird pricing available. This super early bird pricing gives you the special deal of 50 percent off the normal price! The new leaks have also revealed we might be seeing the official open sale for this product in the coming couple weeks.

We will have to stay tuned into the news to see when the new MUJA gamepad will actually become available and start shipping out. For now, you can head to the MUJA gamepad Indiegogo link and sign up to get 50 percent off once the product officially launches. The newest revolution in mobile gaming is coming, and we definitely are excited to see the future with this new product!