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DrakeMall – A New mystery Brand in Discount Shopping and Gift Card System

What if I was to tell you that you could win an iPhone XS Max? You probably would call me a liar, but that is definitely how things work with Drakemall. You can win other items too, including a PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch. There are a lot of mystery boxes on Drakemall items that you can choose just by opening a case.

Any extravagant electronic item you want that would cost you hundreds in a regular retail store can be won on the website. We wanted to give you an in-depth Drakemall review because this is the newest place where you can win mystery boxes and products such as the newest iPhone. It really is that simple and there are no gimmicks to this website at all.

What is Drakemall?

The number one question we’ve heard from people is what is DrakeMall. Drakemall is a new e-Commerce website that gives you chances to win products and gift cards. You are able to do virtual case and mystery box openings on the website and get real prizes. There are video games, electronic sporting items, smartphones, tablets, and other electronic items available on this e-Commerce website. There are chances to win the various items for sale for prices so low, you really will feel like you are stealing them!

Before you open your case, you are able to check out what is inside, and then decide whether or not you want to move forward with that case. Even better is that you will get your item that you have purchased delivered right to you regardless of where you live. Once you have won a legit prize, you also have the option of selling it and then buy the item you really want at that price. That is a really cool concept you will not find on other sites. There are several Drakemall unboxing videos that you should check out too, which show you the items you can purchase from the e-Commerce website.

This concept allows you to purchase one item for $40 and turn around and purchase an even better item for that same price. The payment systems are stable and secure on Drakemall, and you will also get regularly updated inventory to choose from. There really is no better mystery box website right now that caters to all of your electronic needs or wants at such low prices. By using this site, you can get the iPhone XS Max for lowest price.

How Drakemall Works

The first step you need to do in order to begin using Drake Mall is to sign up for the website. The sign-up button is easy to find, and from there you can create a username and password. You also have the option of logging into the site using your Twitter, Gmail, or Facebook account. After signing up, you will see eight different virtual cases, and each case contains a different product. You must then bid on the case itself, which you can do by using one of the many payment methods supported by the website. There are many YouTube videos as well, which show you how the website works, run through the tutorial, show you how to purchase DrakeMall gift cards and will tell you what all you can get for cheap on the site.

You are able to use a gift card to add funds to your Drakemall account, and other standard methods of payment are also accepted on the site. Once you have added funds to your account, you will need to click on the case that you want to open. Spin the wheel and you will get a prize for each spin. If you don’t have a lot of money to burn mystery boxes are probably the best way to get a new iphone. The process of playing on Drakemall is super simple and easy, and you will always be guaranteed a prize for each spin. When you stack up the free spins you can imagine how lucrative it can be.

When it comes to how the delivery works, the first thing you should know is it takes 30 to 45 days to receive your product once you have purchased it. If you have working postal services in your area, then you will be able to get your product. You can request delivery by going to “General” and then entering in your postal information and then save it.

Head to “Products” then click “Delivery” to begin the delivery process of each item you want shipped. You must confirm the terms and conditions before the request for delivery goes into the system. You can track your items too through the website, which is really cool and allows you to ensure the product is heading your way.

The only other thing to note is that it will cost you credits to get items delivered to you, but the cost depends on many factors. You can be charged 5 credits or 20 credits, depending on the size, weight, and cost of the item itself. With this system, you are also responsible for the customs process. The support team is very helpful if you have any issues with your mystery box, and they will get back with you very quickly, which is great.

What Can You Win on

With so many things people are always asking online what you can wi on DrakeMall. There are a ton of different Apple cases you can choose from, as well as gamer cases. You can get other items too, such as a virtual reality headset, Nintendo Switch, iPhone XS Max, an Apple Watch 4, Acer Predator gaming computers, Xbox One X systems and so much more. Pretty much any item you can imagine that has to do with electronics or technology is available in the site, with new items coming in all of the time. If you use this website you will also see how to win an iPhone Xs.

If you enter the Drakemall Facebook group, you will be able to also participate in the mystery box giveaways. These giveaways allow you to get some of the best Drakemall items for free! Just join the group for your chance to win one of the many giveaways on the page. In the group you can enter free giveaways on DrakeMall Facebook community. You can find the video review of Drakemall and see what other people think of the items you can get on Drakemall.

Overall Thoughts on Drakemall

We really think Drakemall is one of the best places to score high-end electronics on the cheap. The website itself is very safe and in addition to mystery boxes there are certificates as well. One of the certificates that Drakemall has is the Curcacao Egaming license, and there are several other ones too. Drakemall is really the best way for you to get highly-valuable items for free in mystery boxes from a random mystery brand. We think that this e-Commerce website is the best way to get a new iPhone without spending the enormous amount of money that the newest models cost.

One thing we wanted to tell you about too is that you can get free money on your Drakemall account by engaging in social networking. When you get your prize in the mail, take a video or picture, and upload that onto social media. Once you have uploaded the prize online, you can get $5 or $10 free into your Drakemall account as an added bonus! This is a cool way to get even more money in your Drakemall account to continue winning high-quality prizes and mystery boxes. By taking advantage of the current promo’s you can get the iPhone Xs Max for lowest price online. Head to the website right now to check it out for yourself, you will find that this site is amazing and gives you so many ways to get expensive products on the cheap.



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