Essay Writing Practice as Simple Method to Get Straight A’s in College

You’ve definitely heard Pablo Picasso’s phrase that goes, “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” And you know what? This saying perfectly applies to any aspect of life be it music, sex, education, tap-dancing, whatever. Essay or research paper writing skills are just the same. Regular practice is a must if you want your prose to succeed.

Peter Parker would be nearly as prepared to fight Doctor Octopus or Venom without flying from skyscraper to skyscraper in New York sky shooting web here and there every single day. And you won’t be getting A+’s for high school or college essays without rocking solid writing skills in your utility belt.

In this post, we’ll walk you through the ways you can start improving your English writing skills. Ensure to test them now!

Back to the Basics

Before you can start producing awesome content for college term papers or narrative essays, you must have at least an intermediate understanding of the basic writing principles. This doesn’t mean you have to enroll in Cambridge Centre for Creative English Writing, but you’ll need to know the spelling and grammar basics to use the language correctly.

Leave Your Comfort Zone

When you’re writing on automatic pilot, you can generate those argumentative essays or dissertation projects faster. However, our writing skills tend to stagnate. So, how can the beginning writers challenge themselves to write better? As creating content becomes an integral part of the academic routine, you have to do your best to boost your assignment writing skills. First, push yourself out of your comfort zone. Surf online to see what makes writing good. Join a course. Practice writing prompts step by step to eventually get the knowledge of a professional writer.

Check Examples of Writers with Due Recognition

Whether you’re stuck with the essay introduction or you don’t know how a good sample template should look like, it’s better to approach a custom writing service where people know how to help you with your problem. Get to the company like the one available at and send a quick message “I’m stuck with my short story writing for college. Could you help me with some ideas or topics?” The services deal with the assignments of any format and not just that. You have an opportunity to not only buy cheap writing samples but also get valuable tips on enhancing your prose, and so on.

Dissect Prose that Appeals to You

The majority of people tend to read the same websites, forums or blogs regularly because they admire the content. However, fewer people really understand why the web pages are so hooking.
Find a range of the blog posts you’ve checked and really liked recently, then have a printed copy of each. Next, just like high school teachers do, take a bright marker and highlight the parts you liked: words combinations, sentences, even paragraphs. Think about why the chosen stuff appealed to you, and try to find any common threads in the reading materials of your preference. See how bloggers do the transition between the subjects. Apply these techniques when you write your next book report or essay.

Write as if You Speak

This example cannot be applied to every writing case, but usually, you can enhance the readability and smoothness of your text by simply writing exactly how you speak. Simple slang words like “um,” “eh,” and “hmm” should be avoided for sure, but make sure to include the ones that people use when they have everyday conversations. Your task here is to give your text the easy and natural flow of the words that you use as you speak.

Keep Writing No Matter What

If you turn writing into a daily habit, you’ll 100% improve the quality of your prose over time. Even 10 or 15 minutes a day, if on a regular basis, will really help you take your English to the next level. You could start a blog in English, write about cooking, fashion, or your experiences studying as an ESL student in a new country. No matter what it is that you get engaged in, make sure to turn it into a daily habit.

Just Do It!

Writing is a difficult skill. However, the best way to become a pro is to take a pen and paper or turn on your laptop and…write. Try writing a couple of versions of the same essay because even the first draft crafted by the world’s most widely recognized and praised writers is never perfect. Practice makes perfect.