Huawei Staff Punished Over Tweet From iPhone

Chinese tech giant Huawei has decided to punish two of its employees for sending a tweet through an iPhone. The tweet, posted on New Year’s Day, displayed ”via Twitter for iPhone” on the tweet details.

iPhones are made by Apple, one of Huawei’s biggest competitors in the smartphone market. Last year, the company passed Apple, taking the number two spot as the second biggest smartphone maker in the world.

Earlier today, a report from Reuters, which cited a company memo, said that the staff involved in the tweet from the iPhone were demoted and will receive a lower salary. The tweet posted from the iPhone was quickly deleted by the company but not before many spotted the details.

Marques Brownlee, a popular tech YouTuber, pointed out that the tweet had been made from an iPhone. Brownlee, who has millions of subscribers on YouTube and social media sites, has pointed out the same in the past. Not too long ago, he pointed out that actress Gal Gadot was promoting a phone by tweeting through another phone. He was on the Joe Rogan podcast a few weeks back and he said he was blocked by her account after he pointed it out. He said the account later unblocked him.

Last month, the tech YouTuber also caught another company doing the same. Brownlee shared an image of Samsung Mobile’s Nigeria Twitter account and one of its tweets, which was promoting the Galaxy Note 9. The only problem with that is that the tweet had been made from an iPhone, which is a direct competitor to the Note and Galaxy series.

The BBC reported that the account was deleted. Reports also added that hundreds of tweets had been made from a different phone. The account was later brought back by Samsung but all the tweets made from a different phone were deleted.

In the last few months, several athletes, celebrities and even brand ambassadors have been caught using other smartphones. In October, reports revealed that Samsung took legal action against its brand ambassador in Russia. The ambassador, Ksenia Sobchak, had an agreement with the company to promote Samsung devices but reports revealed that she was using an iPhone X.

The ambassador was not allowed to be seen in public with a smartphone from a different company, according to reports. The Mirror pointed out that she was using an iPhone during an interview. She also didn’t make a good attempt to hide that she was using a different smartphone. Images of the interview show her holding up a paper to cover the phone.

Reports also revealed that she had been spotted using a different phone during other events and appearances. Other reports mentioned that the company had filed a lawsuit  against her for more than $1.5 million.

Samsung, Apple, Huawei and many other smartphone companies spend millions of dollars every year to have celebrities, gamers, athletes and other popular names promote their devices. The agreements have become quite common since these people usually have millions of subscribers or followers on social media.