Kenya: DusitD2 Siege Over After 19 Hours

A siege that left several people dead has ended, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has said. The president revealed that all the attackers had been eliminated. The attack began on Tuesday when gunmen stormed a compound in Nairobi.

The group al-Shabab has said it was behind the attack on the compound. Kenyan police chief Joseph Boinnet told AFP that five terrorists had been involved in the attack. AFP also reported that two people believed to be linked to the attack were arrested. The arrests came during raids by security forces on Wednesday. It is not yet known where those raids took place.

Mr. Kenyatta said in a televised address that the siege had ended and that there were reports that 14 people had been killed. He said many more were injured but added that 700 others had been evacuated safely from the compound.

Kenya’s Red Cross has revealed that 19 people are still missing. Among the dead is US citizen Jason Spindler and British citizen Luke Potter. The UK Foreign Office has also confirmed that another citizen was injured in the attack.

The attack began at around 15:00 local time when the gunmen started throwing bombs at vehicles in the parking lot. Authorities have revealed that one of the gunmen entered the lobby and blew himself up.

Security cameras caught the moment when two of the gunmen started walking into the parking lot. The two are seen carrying weapons and other gear. Security camera footage from another side of the parking lot shows four gunmen walking in and opening fire.

Eight hours after the start of the attack, a government official said all the buildings had been secured. But that changed an hour later when more shots and explosions were reported in the area. The shots continued throughout the day and during the early hours of Wednesday.

Security forces surrounded the compound and began securing the buildings. They found people hiding in bathrooms and offices. They were escorted to safety shortly after. People waited outside of the compound to learn more on the situation.

One witness told Reuters that people were trying to escape by going towards the gate but then he saw everyone who had ran coming back. The DusitD2 hotel was one of the buildings attacked.

Kenya is involved in a peacekeeping operation with the Somali government. The group that claimed responsibility for the attack has said in the past that they are against the Somali government. Last year, a truck bombing killed at least 587 people in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia. The group is believed to have been behind the attack. Reports say the group has carried out more than 350 attacks in the country in the last decade.

It is not the first time that the group makes an attack in a crowded area of Kenya. In 2013, gunmen entered a crowded shopping mall in Nairobi and began firing at shoppers. The siege lasted over three days and 67 people lost their lives. In 2015, the group made another attack, which left more than 100 people dead and many others injured. That attack happened at Garissa University.