NFL Wild Card: Results, Upcoming Games & More

The NFL Wild Card round is now over but there is plenty to talk about since all games were very entertaining. The Chargers came into this round with a 12 -4 record while teams like the Seahawks and Cowboys were matched up after a 10 – 6 record. Here are the results from the NFL Wild Card round:

Colts 21 – 7 Texans

The Wild Card round kicked off with an AFC South game between the Texans and Colts. Houston won the division but the Colts were close to the title with a 10 – 6 record. Indianapolis was coming off a win and in game against the Titans but they showed why they could be a serious competitor against anyone in the NFL. The Colts defense held the Texans to zero points in the first three quarters.

Luck didn’t have his greatest game, throwing for just 222 yards and two touchdowns and one INT. The difference maker was the running game with Mack rushing for nearly 150 yards and one touchdown. Watson completed 29 of his 49 passes for 235 yards, 1 TD and 1 INT.

The Colts will now go up against the Chiefs, a team that has scored a lot throughout the season. The Chiefs earned homefield advantage and this will be their first game of the playoffs.

Cowboys 24 – 22 Seahawks

The Dallas Cowboys earned their third playoff win in the last 23 years by defeating the Seahawks 24 – 22. In the fourth quarter, it appeared that the Seahawks had control of the game but the Cowboys quickly bounced back to take the lead. The game came down to a long third down play that Dak Prescott converted to give Dallas a ten point lead. The Seahawks made a quick score but the Cowboys held on to advance to the divisional round.

The Cowboys will now face the Rams, who finished as the second seed in the NFC.

Chargers 23 – 17 Ravens

The Chargers lost to this Ravens team in Week 16 but it was a different story this time around. Los Angeles held a comfortable lead for most of the game and gave Jackson little time to throw or make big plays. Jackson was held to a few passing yards for most of the game until he put his team back late in the fourth. The Ravens got the ball back late and a TD would have tied the game but the defense forced a fumble.

The Chargers will now face the Patriots in the divisional round. The game will be at New England since they earned the second seed.

Eagles 16 – 15 Bears

The Eagles – Bears game had the wildest ending of the Wild Card round. The Bears came in as the favorites due to their impressive defense. The game was all about defense with Chicago taking a 6 – 3 lead at halftime. The Eagles later responded with a touchdown but the Bears also got one to take a 15 – 10 lead late in the fourth. The Eagles scored on a 4th and 1 but could not make the two point conversion. The Bears had about a minute left to get in field goal range and they got off to a good start with a solid kickoff return. Trubisky then made two huge throws to get the Bears closer to a field goal. Parkey came to the field to attempt a field goal with ten seconds left. Pederson decided to call a timeout right before he made his first attempt. Parkey kicked his second but that was unsuccessful, hitting the post and then the crossbar.

The play was ruled a missed attempt but it is now being reported that the Eagles tipped the field goal. The Eagles will now play the Saints in the divisional round.