Sri Lanka: Two Arrested For Bribing Police Cutout

Sri Lankan police have arrested two men who pretended to bribe a police cutout that was placed on the side of the road. Authorities made the arrest after the men posted a video of it on Facebook.

In the video, a man in a motorcycle is seen taking out money and offering it to the police cutout. The cutout, which shows a police officer with a speed gun, is in the town of Vavuniya.

Two Men Arrested

The man seen offering the money to the cutout was arrested. The man who captured the video was also arrested. The two have been released on bail. They were charged with creating a bad image of the police and damaging public property. Authorities said the head of the cutout was damaged.

Not The First Time

It is not the first time that authorities arrest someone over a police cutout. Just a few months back, authorities arrested two people who took one of the cutouts home.

Authorities began placing the cutouts across the country last year. They are mostly found on main roads to deter people from driving at high speeds. The news of the arrests has sparked a debate on social media.

Some have said that the men were simply joking about bribing a police officer. Others criticize the police for taking this too far and making the arrests.

Controversy Comes Just Days After..

The men have been released on bail but the controversy continues since many believe that they committed no crime during the video. The BBC reports that this is very controversial since they were told by Transparency International that they consider Sri Lankan police one of the most corrupt institutions.

The controversy comes just days after two police officers were suspended over a video that showed them allegedly accepting a bribe near the president’s office. The video was taken when the police officers were close to their headquarters.

Report From 2017

A survey by Transparency International in 2017 revealed that Sri Lankans often pay bribes to police. The report, which focused mainly on corruption, surveyed over 20,000 people from 17 countries, including Sri Lanka. The survey results revealed that the country has a bribery rate of 15 percent. The report mentioned that the population often bribed police and other institutions.

The report surveyed people from India, China, Pakistan, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, South Korea, Vietnam, Mongolia, Malaysia and Indonesia.