US Recognizes Juan Guaido As Venezuela’s Interim President

US President Donald Trump has posted a tweet in which he confirms that he recognizes Juan Guaido as Venezuela’s Interim President. The tweet comes just minutes after Guaido sat in front of a large crowd to confirm his position as the new interim president of Venezuela.

The event drew thousands of Venezuelans to the streets of Caracas. The government also called for a protest for people to show their disapproval against the recent protests and the comments by the international community.

Guaido, who recently became the President of the National Assembly, called for a massive protest earlier this month. He had made it clear that he would be there to announce his position as the interim president of Venezuela.

The decision comes after the National Assembly ruled that Nicolas Maduro is illegitimate. Maduro, who won a controversial election back in 2014, was sworn in for a second term in early January. He won a second presidential election last year but that was surrounded by accusations of fraud.

The government has said that Guaido cannot be recognized as president, adding that Maduro is legitimate after winning the election last year. The international community had almost confirmed that Guaido would be recognized as president once he made the announcement.

The tweet by US President Donald Trump came just minutes after Guaido made the announcement in front of thousands. The tweet was followed by several reports mentioning that Canada was also planning to recognize Guaido as the interim president. Just a few minutes ago, Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro released a tweet in which he recognizes Mr. Guaido as the interim president.

In the last two days, Caracas and other cities of Venezuela have seen violent protests. The protests yesterday left several people dead. Among the dead is said to be a 16-year-old who was participating in the protest when he was struck by a bullet.

The protests have continued after the announcement by Guaido. Videos posted on social media show that several people have lost their lives and others have been seriously injured by security forces.

The protests were sparked after a small group of National Guard members decided to take weapons from a military post and call for protests. The officers were later arrested but the protests continued in Cotiza and other areas.

The government has responded to the announcement and protests by saying that it is breaking diplomatic relations with the United States. The government gave US personnel 72 hours to leave the country.

Maduro and Cabello have repeatedly accused the US of starting the situation in Venezuela. The government called for a protest today and hundreds were seen there. Their protest was small compared to the thousands of Venezuelans who took the streets to show support for Guaido.

In the last few minutes, several other countries have announced their support for the interim president. Among the countries are Chile, Paraguay, Colombia and Germany.

Venezuela has seen high levels of inflation since 2014. A large percentage of the population is said to be tired of the situation, which continues to get worse. The plans of the government to keep Maduro in power for at least six more years have sparked anger among some security forces and the population. In the last few days, several groups in the military and other authorities have shown their support for a change.