Apex Legends: 5 Cool Features It Introduces To The Genre

Respawn’s new title Apex Legends came out of nowhere but the video game has caught the attention of millions of players in just a few days. Apex Legends is another battle royale game but the game developer has added some cool features to make it stand out from its competition. Here are five cool features that Apex Legends brings to the genre:

Ping System

In many battle royale games, we’re used to making call outs and having to explain where exactly the opponents are sitting. That is a bit different on Apex Legends, where you can use just one button to mark the location of an enemy. The system is easy to use and it actually works for other things too. Players can mark a weapon or other items that their teammates may need.

The ping system has been praised by many reviewers so far and it probably won’t be long before other battle royale games decide to add something similar. Fortnite already has something like this but it is nowhere near as detailed and precise as the one on Apex Legends.


Apex Legends starts off a match just like any other battle royale game. But the big difference between Respawn’s title and others is that only one player can select where the squad is going to land. That player is known as the Jumpmaster and that is decided randomly at the start of a match. The Jumpmaster is automatically followed by the squad but players can select to go solo if they want to land somewhere else.

The Jumpmaster can choose to relinquish his spot during that time, allowing another player to select a landing spot. Those who don’t get Jumpmaster can suggest a landing spot through the ping system.


Most battle royale games are about staying alive throughout the match but Apex Legends offers a second chance to the squads who lose a player. If your teammate is knocked down and eliminated, you have the option to run over to their box with loot and grab their banner. This banner can be used at one of the respawn points found around the map. Players only have 90 seconds to grab the banner before their teammate is completely eliminated from the match.

Oh and those players who are brought back return with no weapons, so getting back into the match is no easy task.


Apex Legends introduces a total of eight characters known as Legends. They each have unique abilities, such as tracking footprints or a giant shield that can be used to take cover. The game starts off with six characters but there are two more than can be unlocked later on.

The characters are chosen at the start of the match but players get to pick from one to three randomly. This means that if your teammate chooses your favorite Legend before you, then you’re going to have to play with another character.

The game will likely add more Legends later on but there is enough characters to play with while we wait.


Before each match, the game will let you know who the Champions are. The Champions are players that have high amount of eliminations or wins. Players who eliminate the Champions are rewarded with extra XP. The Champions include the whole squad so eliminating all three will earn players tons of XP.