Apex Legends: 5 Improvements We Would Like To See

Apex Legends is only a few days old but the game has managed to capture the attention of millions of players. The battle royale title has impressed players for its unique features and fun spin to the genre. But there are still some improvements that the game needs. Here are five changes that we would like to see:

Some Weapons Are Not Worth Grabbing

Apex Legends has a decent lineup of weapons available on the game. The weapons can be found all over the map, just like on any other battle royale game. The problem has to do with some of the most common weapons. The Mozambique shotgun and others such as the P2020 pistol are extremely weak. Grabbing one of these weapons after landing puts you at a major disadvantage, unless the other player has absolutely nothing to fight back.

The two weapons I mentioned above are extremely common and I have landed in areas where several of them can be found. All weapons don’t have to be super powerful but some need some serious improvements.

More Ammo

Having the best weapons in the game is something that many players go for. But it can be a little disappointing when you find that there is little ammo around for it. Weapon spawns have ammo on them but if you happen to get into a battle with one or two teams, you’ll likely need some ammo after.

There have been games where I have had a difficult time finding ammo for weapons such as the Triple Take and Devotion. The two require Energy ammo, which I believe is among the most uncommon in the game. The lack of ammo is something that popular players have already brought up, including jackfragz, who said in one of his videos that he would like to see more ammo in the game since he is often low.

Minor Issues

This has never happened to me but I have noticed at least two of my teammates randomly fall off the map and get eliminated. In the two cases, they were nowhere near close to an area where they could fall off. This is a bit of problem since you’ll have to recover the banner of your fallen teammate and then take it back to the Respawn Beacon. This puts the team at risk of getting eliminated and on top of that, the fallen teammate has to go back and recover the items he had before he fell since the respawn brings you back with nothing.

Unplayable Matches

I’ve played a number of matches on Apex Legends but one or two of them have been completely unplayable for me and my teammates. In one match, the game was laggy right away but it got better a few minutes later. In another match, the lag made the game unplayable for the whole squad. One of my teammates had the same problem during a match last night and it never got any better for him.

More Game Modes (Solo, Duos)

Many battle royale games have the option to play Solo, Duos or Squads. Apex Legends has squads but teams are made up of three players, much different from the Squads we see on games like Fortnite with four player squads. It would be good to see the game add at least Solo or Duos to provide some different game modes. It wouldn’t be bad to see four player squads but that would like require a larger map.