Family Fined Millions and Jailed For Stealing Winning Lottery Ticket

A man and his daughter have been jailed and fined C$4.6 million ($3.49 million) for stealing a lottery ticket. Jun-Chul Chung and his daughter Kathleen Chung were given sentences of seven and four years.

It all began when Daniel Campbell purchased a ticket back in 2003. The ticket, which was purchased at a convenience store in Ontario, came after he had a ticket that won him five free plays.

Kenneth Chung, who is Mr. Chung’s son, was running the convenience store when the ticket was purchased. His father was the one who checked the five free plays and noticed that one of them was a winner. He decided to keep the winning ticket and return the losing tickets to Mr. Campbell.

Mr. Chung later handed the ticket to his daughter and she cashed it in. A few months later, the family was accused of stealing the ticket after an investigator for the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation found that her brother owned the convenience store where the ticket was purchased.

The family still got away with their plan after the OLG decided to pay out the ticket to them. The whole thing was mentioned in a report back in 2007. The report, which highlighted frauds and suspicious wins in the lottery, criticized the organization for not doing enough.

The case continued for years but Mr. Campbell received the winnings back in 2011. The ticket awarded the winner C$12.5 million ($9.49 million). The winner also received some interest for the wait.

Mr. Campbell decided to split the winnings with six of his colleagues, who had decided to come up with a lottery pool. That was eight years ago but the case continued for the family behind the theft and cash in of the winning ticket.

Kenneth Chung, who owned the store, was not the one who validated the ticket but did know about it. He received a ten month sentence while his other two family members received four and seven year sentences.

The court found that the family had used the money from the ticket to purchase luxury cars and mansions. Part of the money was spent during the years but the court ordered the two to each pay C$2.3 million ($1.75 million).

The amount the court ordered to pay is what’s believed to be left of the winning ticket. Authorities also seized about C$8 million ($6.08 million) in assets from the family.

The organization behind the lottery has been taking steps to catch fraudsters and those who do anything illegal with lottery tickets since the report from the government 12 years ago. Police have charged a number of winners during that time.

It has been 16 years since that incident but the family has now just received the sentence over the theft of the ticket. Mr. Campbell was awarded the full winnings in 2011.