Fortnite Season 8: Battle Pass Is Free With Completion of Overtime Challenges

Fortnite has brought a nice little surprise for those who play and complete challenges that were added through the 7.40 update. The battle royale game is offering the Season 8 Battle Pass for free for a limited time.

The only requirement to get the Battle Pass for free is to complete the Overtime Challenges. Season 7 has less than two weeks left and this is a great announcement for those who were undecided or didn’t want to spend money on the upcoming Battle Pass.

The Battle Pass is sold for 950 V-Bucks (around $10) and it can usually be bought again for free if you save the V-Bucks earned through the Battle Pass. Those who spend the V-Bucks have to buy the Battle Pass again to get all the challenges and cosmetics.

Players have to complete a total of 13 challenges to have the Battle Pass for free. The challenges, called Overtime, were added through the latest update of the game. There is also a few rewards for those who have the Battle Pass for this season. The Overtime Challenges unlock additional skin versions of the Trog, Onesie and Powder skins.

The skin variants had been rumored for days so this is not really a surprise. What is a surprise is the free Battle Pass for Season 8. The upcoming season is still a bit of a mystery but players have been spotting cracks on the map. The cracks appear to be tied to the earthquakes that players have been feeling on the map.

The challenges, released today, will be available until February 27, which means that players have until the end of the season to get them done. There are 13 challenges but only five have been released so far. Here are the five challenges currently available:

Place Top 15 In Duos With a Friend (3 Times): You’ll need to invite a friend and play at least three duos with that person to get the challenge completed. Make sure you finish Top 15 in the three matches so you don’t have to keep playing over and over again.

Collect Coins In Featured Creative Islands (15 of Them): This challenge requires you to visit the Creative game mode and collect the 15 coins in the Featured Islands.

Deal 500 Damage With Pistols or Assault Rifles: Just get 500 damage with one of the two weapons mentioned. This one can easily be completed in one or two matches.

Search Ammo Boxes or Chests at an RV Park or Motel (7 of Them): This one requires you to search ammo boxes or chests at the RV Park or Motel. The RV Park can be found close to Lonely Lodge (right next to the outpost) while the Motel can be found near the umbrella or at the bottom of the outpost overlooking Pleasant Park.

Regain Health From Campfire (3 Matches): This one shouldn’t be too difficult, especially with the addition of campfires around the map. Simply use one and regain health in three different matches.

Have you completed the first five challenges? What do you think about this offer from Epic? Let us know in the comments.