France: Cash Delivery Man Arrested After Disappearing With Money

A cash delivery man left his co-workers in shock when he disappeared with the money they had been ordered to deliver. The three cash delivery workers were ordered to deliver the money but two of them later found that the van and the money had disappeared.

The third member of their team disappeared with the van and the 3.4 million euros in cash. The shocking act happened during the early hours of Monday. The team of three was ordered to make a delivery with their security van to a Western Union location.

Two of the workers grabbed the money and took it to the Western Union location. The third member of their team stayed in the van to watch the money and vehicle. A police source told AFP that the two men came back out and noticed that the driver and van were gone.

Authorities began the search for the driver and the van, which was found just a few blocks away. The van was found with its doors opened and no money inside. Authorities said the suspect was Adrien Derbez and released a picture as well as a description.

Authorities later found his location and made the arrest on Tuesday evening. The arrest took place at an apartment in Amiens. He was found with most of the money from the van.

Reports say the suspect attempted to escape after being found by authorities. French broadcaster BFMTV said that Mr. Derbez was allegedly trying to get away through a window. He was carrying several bags with money.

Authorities arrested Mr. Derbez but they have also arrested three others as part of their investigation. The local prosecutor said that authorities recovered a large amount of money but could not confirm if the amount was complete.

Mr. Derbez is one of several drivers who have attempted to escape with money in recent years. Back in November 2016, a bank driver in India disappeared with over $130,000 in cash. The money was being transported to an ATM but the van and driver disappeared when his co-worker decided to use a bathroom.

Police revealed that the man knew that the van did not have a GPS system. The driver was arrested days later when he tried to return to the city. A police official confirmed that 7.9 million of the 9.2 million rupees missing were recovered.

The driver had been on the job for less than a month and he told police that he took the money to pay some debts. The theft came when the country had just released its 2000 rupee bills. All of the money was in those bills. The driver also told authorities that he had borrowed some of that money to a friend.

The theft is a similar case to the one from Toni Musulin, a Frenchman who stole more than 11 million euros from a security van he was driving. He was captured days later and most of the money was recovered by authorities.

The theft made Mr. Musulin an internet star for the way he planned it all. He spent four years in prison for the theft of the money, which belonged to Bank of France.