Huawei Had a Similar Foldable Device To Samsung But It Was Scrapped, Official Says

Foldable phones have taken most of the spotlight at MWC 2019 and it is not hard to see why. The devices are something we have never seen before, with screens that go from small to tablet size. Royole was the very first to announce a foldable device last year but giant smartphone makers such as Samsung and Huawei have just joined the race.

Samsung impressed the tech world with the launch of its Galaxy Fold just before MWC 2019 kicked off. But Huawei has stolen the show with its Mate X, which has an impressive design.

Huawei has been the talk of the tech world since the debut of its foldable device but the company hasn’t been shy on its previous designs and what it thinks of its competitors, mainly Samsung.

The Chinese smartphone maker first confirmed a foldable device last year, revealing that it had a prototype but that there were still a few issues that needed to be solved. Business Insider spoke with Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei’s consumer business group, and he had some things to say about the prototypes.

He explained that the company initially had a prototype that had a similar design to Samsung’s new foldable device, the Galaxy Fold. Yu added that it was not good though and they decided to scrap it and move on to other ideas.

Too Heavy, Idea Scrapped

He told Business Insider that he felt that having two screens made the phone too heavy. He added that they had several solutions but that they cancelled them. He also said that they had something even better than the Galaxy Fold but that he killed the idea because it was bad.

Both devices look amazing but they each have a different design and price. Huawei appears to be a favorite when it comes to its design but tech fans should know that the device will not be anywhere close to cheap.

Mate X vs. Galaxy Fold

The phones are not out yet so it is impossible to know which one is better and it will likely be a while before all people get their hands on one. The two phones will likely see a limited release. Huawei’s Mate X takes phone prices to a whole new level. We thought the Porsche Design Huawei releases were a bit expensive but the Mate X takes the title with a $2,600 price tag. The Galaxy Fold is a bit cheaper but still more expensive than any other Samsung release, including the Galaxy Note 9, which is nearly $1,000. The Galaxy Fold has a price of $1,980.

Huawei’s shot at the competition is nothing new. Several smartphone makers are known for taking shots at their competitors, including Samsung, which has released ads dedicated to highlighting that Apple is behind the competition when it comes to features.

The two devices will be out in the near future and we can’t wait to see how good this technology is. We’ll keep you updated when there are more details on these two devices.