MWC 2019: 5 Big Announcements That Will Likely Happen

MWC 2019 is just a few weeks away and tech fans are waiting to see what’s going to be announced there. Several companies have announced that they will be there. Others, like Huawei, have hinted that they will be making huge announcements throughout the tech event. Here are five big announcements that will likely happen at MWC 2019:

LG G8/LG V50

The LG G series has been around for a while and many of the releases have made an appearance at MWC. The company recently sent out invites which means that they will be unveiling several devices, including new smartphones. No one knows how many products LG will announce there but rumors say that the company is prepared to show off its LG G8 and LG V50, which is said to have 5G support.

Huawei’s Foldable Phone

Huawei has confirmed its plans for a foldable phone and made it almost clear through its press conference invite that it will show off the device at the event. The invite does not show the entire device but the interesting part is that a hinge is shown. Huawei had confirmed months back that it had a prototype but that it was still working on solving a few issues with the tech. The foldable device is rumored to have 5G support, which would make it the first foldable device to have that.

Huawei would not be the first to unveil a foldable device. That title went to Royole, a company that introduced a foldable phone last year.

Sony Xperia XZ4

Sony is expected to announce its next flagship smartphone during MWC 2019. The tech giant has released some impressive devices over the last few years but its next smartphone is rumored to be a bit more than what we’re used to seeing. The fourth smartphone in the XZ series is rumored to have a Snapdragon 855 processor and many other good features. The camera department is the one receiving the most attention, according to leaks. The Xperia XZ4 is rumored to have a 52MP camera in its triple camera setup.

Xiaomi’s Foldable Phone

Xiaomi’s appearance at MWC 2019 is still surrounded by mystery since the company hasn’t really hinted at what is going to launch. Just a few days ago, the company did post a teaser through Weibo that showed its foldable phone. No major information was revealed but the tech event is just around the corner and many other companies might bring their foldable phones. This sounds like a good time for Xiaomi to announce its foldable device.

Nokia 9 PureView

Nokia has released plenty of impressive devices in the last two years but one of its biggest announcements may happen at MWC 2019. The company is expected to announce the Nokia 9 PureView at the event. What makes this device so talked about is that it is rumored to have five cameras on the back. We’ve seen three and four camera setups but this would be the first ever to have five.