MWC 2019: Nubia Appears To Be In On The Foldable Smartphone Competition

Chinese smartphone maker Nubia has confirmed that it will make an appearance at this year’s MWC event. The company confirmed its appearance by teasing a technology that we will probably see a lot of this year.

Nubia teased its foldable smartphone, becoming one of the many companies that will likely unveil this technology at MWC 2019. The Nubia-a (Alpha) is not exactly a surprise since the device was first shown off at the IFA 2018 event.

At the time, the phone was just a prototype and there wasn’t any information on it since it wasn’t even working. It has been a few months since that event and it appears that the company is finally ready to officially unveil the device.

One of the most talked about features of the device is that it can be worn on the wrist. The company has not shared any details on its specs or price but that is now expected for MWC 2019.

The ZTE Nubia could be among the many foldable smartphones at the event but the company is no stranger on this technology. Last year, the company released the ZTE Axon M. The release was one of the earliest attempts of this technology, featuring two displays attached to a hinge. The Axon M isn’t perfect but it is a nice preview of what we will likely see for most of 2019.

MWC 2019 could be the event where we see many companies unveil their foldable smartphones. Huawei appears to be prepared to announce a foldable smartphone there. The Chinese tech giant recently sent out invites with what appears to be a foldable phone.

Huawei’s device has been rumored for quite a while and many believe that the company will be the first to unveil a foldable smartphone with 5G support. Samsung’s device is said to be skipping on this feature.

Speaking of Samsung, the South Korean giant has already unveiled its foldable smartphone. The appearance was short and no one got the chance to check out the technology. In previous MWC events, Samsung has unveiled many smartphones so we wouldn’t be surprised if its foldable smartphone makes another appearance there.

Xiaomi has also been in the mix in the last few weeks. The company had been quiet on its foldable smartphone but went all out a few days ago when it posted a teaser of its foldable phone. The teaser, which was first posted on Weibo, is a one minute video of the company’s president checking out the technology. In the video we can see the phone go from a small screen to a big screen. Xiaomi has not given details on the price or specifications but the company is said to be coming to MWC 2019.

MWC 2019 will kick off later this month and tech fans can’t wait to see what companies have planned for this event. What do you think about foldable phones? Are you waiting for these phones? Let us know in the comments.