Sony’s Shawn Layden Gives Good News On Cross-Play

Sony’s Shawn Layden has given more information on the state of the cross-play feature of the PlayStation 4 and made it clear that the company is interested in having it. Layden spoke with Game Informer and gave more information on the feature, which is currently available in a few games.

The President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment said that they have learned from the feedback from their fans that it was important. He added that they have tried to be so good over the last four or five years and listen to what fans want. Layden also explained that it is not like flipping a switch. Sony’s console currently offers the feature in just a few games, including battle royale title Fortnite.

Sony saw some criticism last year over Fortnite and other games that offered the feature for other consoles. The tech giant took time to bring the feature for Fortnite, which is available for PC, Xbox One and many other platforms.

Cross-play between PS4 and Xbox One was not available for a while but Sony later announced its launch. The announcement was big news for the feature since it allowed Fortnite players from other platforms to play against PS4 owners.

Before the announcement, many believed that Sony was taking its time and doing all it could to prevent players from competing against other consoles. Cross-play has been part of other games in the past but Sony had not really brought the feature until Fortnite.

In recent months, several game developers have expressed their interest in using the feature. Other games such as Rocket League now have cross-play enabled. Layden did not give any information on the games that could have the feature.

The lineup of games offering the feature for the PS4 remains quite small. The feature seems to have drawn lots of interest from game developers but Layden’s explanation gave a different take. He went on to explain that they are open for business and that all it takes is for publishers and developers to work with the PlayStation account manager.

Part of his comments are good news for those who want to see more cross-play but his comments do leave some questions without answers since it makes it seem like companies behind games aren’t stepping up to bring the feature.

For now, Fortnite and Rocket League are the only two games to offer this feature on Sony’s console. Rocket League’s cross play feature is actually less than a month old on the PlayStation 4. The game has announced that its cross-platform party system will arrive on February 19. This is great news because cross-play can be a little complicated due to the fact that players from different consoles can’t join party chats. This means that the game needs a party system to make sure all players can play and talk together.